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Zen pulse

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Product description

Relieve Your Tension and Insomnia Naturally!

Feel the Most Complete Anxiety & Tension Relief!

The Zen pulse is a revolutionary device designed to help people manage anxiety symptoms.

Say Hello To The Zen pulse

Say goodbye to continuous anxiety, sleepless evenings, and uncontrollable panic attacks.


  • Helps manage anxiety symptoms
  • Provides personalized coping strategies
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Portable and discreet design

How It Works

Take It Everywhere

The Zen pulseTM is small and lightweight, and it fits securely around your wrist. Put it in your handbag, dangle it from your wrist, slip it in and out of your pocket… whatever works for you! – WHEREVER YOU GO, KEEP CALM!

Is it painful?

Absolutely not! If you find it difficult to grasp at any moment, consider lowering the power or switching to a less sensitive pressure point.

Is it making any noises?

The Zen pulse is completely silent and makes no noises! As a result, you can use it anywhere without fear!

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