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WondaWand – 4 In 1 Pet Hair Removal Tool

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Product description


The Total All-in-One Solution for Pet Mess!

  • 4-in-1: One Brush, 4 x Tools Tackle Pet Hair & Mess Anywhere!
  • Hair Strip System: Rolls Pet Hair into Easy-to-Remove Strings.
  • Advanced Microfibre Technology: Grabs Hair Like a Magnet.
  • Multi-Surface: Seamlessly Tackles Furnishings, Clothes, Cars

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Tired Of Pet Hair? We’ve Fixed It.
Introducing: WondaWand!

One Brush, Four Tools For Effortless Cleanup, Every Time.
Discover WondaWand, it’s all-in-one power, effortlessly handling pet messes on any surface. The ultimate pet owner’s solution for a clean, fur-free home. Say goodbye to pat hair and hello to effortless cleanup.

WondaWand Comes With Loads Of Features

WondaWand is not just another pet hair remover – it’s a home cleaning revolution! With its smart and innovative 4-in-1 design, it guarantees an effective clean every time. Say farewell to pet hair & pet mess battles and welcome an enjoyable cleaning experience with WondaWand – perfect for first-timers and seasoned pet owners alike, it’s the smart choice for effortless and impressive results!

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  • REVOLUTIONARY 4-IN-1 DESIGN – EVERY SURFACE, EVERY HAIR!Equipped with four innovative cleaning tools in one, WondaWand adapts to any challenge. From stubborn embedded fur to delicate fabrics, experience unmatched versatility for a comprehensive clean
  • BUILT TO LAST – DURABLE, DEPENDABLE CLEANINGCrafted from advanced, high-quality materials, WondaWand is durable and easy to clean, it’s designed for daily use and to withstand the test of time.
  • ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – TAME PET HAIR ANYWHEREPortable and efficient, WondaWand tackles pet hair anywhere—home, car, or travel. The ideal tool for instant cleanups and pristine spaces, wherever you are.
  • VERSATILE WET & DRY USE – ADAPT TO ANY MESSDesigned for both wet spills and dry debris. Whether it’s a damp mess or loose pet hair, our tool handles it all with ease.


WondaWand Magic:
Swipe, Roll, Gone – See Pet Hair Vanish Before Your Eyes!

Discover the magic behind WondaWand’s unique design – Our advanced microfibre cloth sticks to pet hair, and sweeping the brush rolls the hair into easily removable strips, leaving your home spotlessly clean.

Clothes Wand New Version

Clothes Wand:
Instant Fixes Anytime

Experience the ease of the Clothes Wand, stored in the main handle. It’s your portable ally against pet hair, perfect for last-minute touch-ups on clothes and furnishings, ensuring you and your home look impeccable.

Finito the FIN

Silicone Fin:
Stubborn Embeded Hair & Mess!

The silicone fin effectively tackles deeply embedded pet hair on tough fabrics like car carpets and wool, and swiftly deals with pet accidents and spills, ensuring a comprehensive clean-up.

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Bottom Line: It’s Quick, It’s Unique, It’s WondaWand



Don’t settle for inferior imitations—they simply can’t compare! With WondaWand, just a few minutes of quick swipes can transform any space. When we tackle pet hair with WondaWand, it’s not just cleaning; it’s our victory over pet mess. That’s our PEACE of mind!

Wondawand versus Old Brush

Why Do Thousands Of People Choose WondaWand?

At WondaWand, we attach great importance to offering the latest, contemporary and highest quality products. Our priority is that you are 100% satisfied.

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