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WellnessBaby Doppler

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Product description

✔ Ease pregnancy anxiety

✔ Feel your baby on low-activity days

✔ Most trusted FDA approved doppler in US

Early Bonding Experience

Hear your baby's heartbeat as early as 8-12 weeks!

Assurance + Peace of Mind

Perfect for little check-ins between prenatal visits

Safe beyond any doubts

Our products are FDA + CE certified medical instruments

Easy to find heartbeats

Free Doppler Guide For Moms with every purchase


How to use?

Are Dopplers safe for my baby? (Yes)

Our WellnessBaby Heartbeat Dopplers are safe to use. They're FDA approved and use low-power sound waves to detect your baby's heartbeat.

How does it work? (Handheld mini-ultrasound)

A Doppler is a portable medical tool designed for detecting and tracking the fetal heartbeat throughout pregnancy. It employs ultrasound technology by emitting sound waves into the abdominal area and capturing the reflected waves from the baby's heart. Then it translates these signals into audible sounds.. letting you hear your baby's heartbeat!

How many weeks in can I use it? (8-12 weeks)

Many users can detect a heartbeat as early as 9-12 weeks. However, factors like the baby's position and anterior vs posterior placenta can have a minor impact.

How often can I listen to my baby's heartbeat? (~15mins/day)

Many healthcare professionals advise limiting use to 15 minutes per day.

Is this a substitute for doctor visits? (No)

No, fetal Dopplers should not replace your regular Doctor visits.
Disclaimer: WellnessBaby is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition nor to derive at any medical conclusion based on its readings. The use of our Doppler is to hear a baby's heartbeat for an elevated bonding experience.
Readings on any fetal doppler should not be relied upon for medical purposes. Contact your doctor or health care professional if you are concerned about the health of your baby or if you have any medical conditions.


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