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Watch The Roads Dash Cam

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Top Rated AI Powered Dash Camera

1872 Verified Reviews

Record All Incidents, Get Out Of Traffic Tickets & Protect Your Car 24x7

Secure your on-road journey & monitor your vehicle 24x7 with the 1080P Night Vision HD Dash Camera that includes 170° front & rear capture, G-sensor, loop recording, motion detection & more!


Why Every Vehicle Owner
Should Install A Dash Camera

A Dash Camera helps you record everything that goes on inside & outside your car, giving you the evidence you need, offering driving assistance & protecting your vehicle at all times, even when it's parked!


On-Road Assistant & Event Recorder
Meet The Roads Dash Cam

The The Roads Dash Cam is invaluable in protecting your daily commute. Just mount it on your car's windshield and enjoy complete peace of mind while driving or parked. It provides you photo & video evidence to fight wrongfully issued traffic tickets, claim insurance for accidents, and just its presence in the car deters theft & vandalism.

With the money saved on theft related damages, traffic tickets & insurance claims, the dash camera practically pays for itself! Order yours today to drive safe & drive smart everyday!


Why Choose The Roads Dash Cam Dash Camera
Small Size - Big Features

The New & Improved 2021 The Roads Dash Cam Model is loaded with award winning features that makes it the best-in-class vehicle gadget. Check out the amazing features!

4K Ultra HD Wide Angle Camera

No more grainy pics & videos! The Roads Dash Cam includes Dual Channel Front & Rear camera that records 1080P with a 170° field view for crystal clear viewing experience.

In-Built G-Sensor For Collision Detection

The G-Sensor records the impact of a collision & when it reaches a pre-set value, it records the footage & locks it to prevent any overwriting, giving you indisputable proof!

IR Enabled Night Vision Lens

Automatic Night Vision ensures The Roads Dash Cam records the minutest details in ultra-low light during nighttime & even in the darkest roads ahead of you.

24 x7 Motion-Detect Parking Monitor

Just switch on the parking monitor & the dash camera will automatically start recording when it detects motion in the car radius to record any theft / vandalism attempts.

DIY Installation On / Off Suction Mount

The The Roads Dash Cam comes with a suction mount that is easy to install and take off & carry with you when needed as well, making it super portable.

Loop Recording With Extendable Storage Option

Offers seamless loop recording overwriting old footage (apart from locked footage) with new content when card is full. You can also upgrade memory with an expandable memory slot.

Additional Winning Features


#6 Reasons You Need A Dash Camera
The Roads Dash Cam Applications

Owning & driving a car comes with its own problems including accidents, theft, vandalism, and the least favorite of them all - wrongful allegations on traffic tickets! The The Roads Dash Cam protects you & your car from all these issues & more!

    1. Record Accidents & Incidents: Dash Camera helps you keep video proof of any accident or incident in and around your car, giving you indisputable proof of collisions, hit & runs & more.
    2. Getting Out Of Wrongful Allegations: Wrongful allegations are common when it comes to traffic authorities, however with dash cameras recording your every move, you have enough proof to contest & overturn them!
    3. Commercial Vehicle Monitoring: Dash Cameras are great for commercial automobiles which carry goods over long distances, both in protecting the vehicle & the load during the journey & when parked.
    4. Deter Thefts & Vandals: It's a fact that when someone is looking to steal or cause damage to a vehicle they always check for a dash camera, this provides automatic protection for your vehicle!
    5. Claim Your Insurance Faster: With video proof that you weren’t the driver responsible for a car crash, you can save yourself from the he-said, she-said stress and from being found at fault by a car insurance company – and receiving higher auto insurance rates that go with that finding.
    6. Record Your Road Trips: Dash Cameras are perfect for capturing memories on those special road-trips while letting you share them with your friends & family! Dash Cameras are also hugely popular with YouTubers & IG influencers.


Don't Take A Chance With Your Safety
Make The Smart Choice

There are a number of Dash Cameras available in the market, but don't be lured by low prices & compromise on your on-road safety! Find out how The Roads Dash Cam stacks up against the competition & take your pick!



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