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Wagzey™ - Interactive Plush Toy

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Product description

Wagzey – Interactive Plush Toy

Because a happy dog, is a healthy dog!

  • Reduce Boredom, Increase Activity and Combat Destructive Bahavior!

Promote physical activity and mental stimulation, our toy is the perfect way to keep your dog active and engaged.

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Strong and durable designs made from high quality materials!

  • Machine Washable and USB Re-chargeable!

With a run time of up to 1-2 hours, and a charge time of only 15 minutes, we guarantee your pet will run out of juice before it does!

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“My dog is OBSESSED with this pig. We bought this at Christmas and she loved them but for some reason she carries this pig everywhere with her like a lovey.”

How does it work?

Our toy activates for 12 seconds with each touch or shake, keeping your dog on their toes and eager for more. The Wagzey also has a built in microphone and will replicate noises it hears, adding to your dogs confusion and excitement!

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Is it safe for my dog?

The Wagzey is designed with highly durable materials which is safe for dogs.

Is it washable?

Yes! It has a concealed zipper allowing you to remove the case and machine wash it!

15,000+ Happy Pups!


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