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Trizes™ Foldable Clothing Bag

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Product description
  • Store Everything – 50L Capacity

  • Cut & Water Proof – Made Of PU Leather

  • No Clothes Wrinkles – Foldable Design

Traveling just got waaaaay easier

All the joy and expectation you have for your trips could go into ruin when you see how bulky your luggage is. This is the easiest, tidiest traveling bag for a convenient trip!

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  • Pack easily

Optimize the space with it’s assembling design. Pack your stuffs in a few steps

  • Store everything

50L capacity ensures you can store all your stuff in a single package

  • No clothes wrinkles

With its fodable feature, your clothese will be pristine and wrinkle-free

  • Stylish with loads of things

Fit perfectly with your luxurious suit or your deluxe dress

Forget Those Hassles You Have With Your Baggage!

Remember when you have to take a suitcase, a backpack, and a handbag just for your essentials?


With a boasting 50L capacity, this bag eliminates the need for multiple luggage pieces. One bag, one journey!

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Your Clothes Have Never Been So Wrinkle-Free

With an innovative design, the Trizes Foldable Clothing Bag keeps your clothes pristine and wrinkle-free, no matter your destination.

Your precious suit, your priceless dress, your leather jacket – All will be as smooth and ready!

Never have to iron your clothes at the hotel ever again.


+100,000 Happy Customers


Find out why you should choose Trizes instead of other brands.


“Does It Have…” YES, IT DOES!

What you can think of, our bag has it!

Durable shoulder strap and handle? Yes!

Size pocket for your often-use items? Yes!

Anti-theft zipper to secure your stuff? Of course!


What If It Rains? We Got You Covered!

Made of waterproof material, our bag ensures you can take it anywhere you like, whether the weather!

Your items will never get wet again!


Look Stylish While Carry Loads Of Things, WHY NOT?

With the Trizes Foldable Clothing Bag, you no longer have to choose between functionality and fashion.

This elegantly designed bag complements any travel ensemble while offering practical benefits.

Fit perfectly with your luxurious suit or your deluxe dress!

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Guess What’s More? IT’S ALSO EASY TO USE

Wrap your stuff up nicely and easily with this bag!

Only a few steps to have a tidy luggage for your travel.

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It combines the best of a Suitcase, Weekender, and Duffel Bag


  • Saves You Money: Instead of buying three different bags, you only buy one. It’s much cheaper!

  • Easy to Store: When you’re not using it, you can fold it up small and put it away easily.

  • Perfect for Any Trip: Great for long vacations, quick weekends away, or business trips. It changes to fit your needs.

  • Strong and Tough: Made from materials that last long even when you travel a lot.

  • Light to Carry: It’s easy to carry around, which makes traveling less of a hassle.

  • Looks Good: It’s a stylish bag that looks good wherever you go.

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