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Product description

Top Rated TENS Unit

8 pre-programmed massage modes

Can be used over the whole body

15 Adjustable intensity levels (+5mA)

Dual channel pulse therapy


“... so relaxing! It helps with muscle soreness and it feels even better than n actual massage.”

Do you have constant pain or discomfort around your back, shoulders, neck, or any other area on your body and you want to avoid expensive weekly visits to chiropractors and masseuses? Osmo TENS Unit uses innovative muscle stimulation technology powered by 15 adjustable intensity levels to stimulate your muscles and relieve stress from an area that has been bothering you.

With 8 pre-programmed massage modes, you can choose whichever mode you find the most comfortable and experience chiropractic therapy at your fingertips. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. Built-in timer allows automatic shutoff, so you just need to put pads on the targeted area and start the therapy. It's time to have full body relaxation from the comfort of your home.


With the new version of Osmo TENS Unit, Osmo uses innovative massage stimulation technology for better and more effective performance. We offer free Express Shipping for all orders.



Enjoy in quick muscle pain relief with 8 different massaging modes and 15 intensity levels suitable for any muscle group on the body. No more expensive salon visits as you can now have realistic deep-tissue massage from your home.


Why Osmo TENS Unit ZR3 stands out


The Science Behind Our Innovative Muscle Stimulation Technology

Osmo TENS uses innovative muscle stimulation technology to precisely target the muscle groups you want to relieve stress and discomfort by sending random pulses to replicate over 8 different massage techniques.

With 15 adjustable intensity levels, you can easily find your sweet spot that’s comfortable for you while still dealing with pain effectively.

It’s cordless and portable, so you can carry it anywhere you want and have the “chiropractic-at-home” therapy at your fingertips.



More about Osmo TENS Unit

Massage & chiropractic at home: You can forget about all the expensive visits to chiropractic and masseuses and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Set the timer and relax: With our pre-programmed timer, you can adjust the timer to automatically shut off and relax while it's doing its job.

15 intensity levels: Depending on the muscle area you’re targeting, you can easily find your sweet spot that’s working for you while remaining comfortable.

More efficient and stable: Because of independent dual channels, Osmo's TENS unit is efficient and comfortable to use on all body areas.

Carry it with you anywhere: No matter if you’re going to use it at home, in the office, after working out, you can carry it with you anywhere.

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