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Starlight Explorer 12-in-1 Planetarium Projector

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🎞 12 Different Content Film Trays

🌖 Automatic Shut-off and timer feature

🪐 each film can be used for 90-100 hours

🔭 360° Panoramic Projection

Elevate The Ambiance Of Every Room With The StarLight Explorer Planetarium Projector

12 Different Content Film Trays

Dive into a vast array of celestial wonders with 12 interchangeable film trays, offering an unparalleled variety of visual experiences.

360° Panoramic Projection

Immerse yourself in a full-spectrum view of the universe with 360-degree rotation capabilities, allowing you to explore every angle of celestial beauty.

Extended Projection Time

Enjoy extended entertainment with each film disc offering 90-100 hours of captivating projections, ensuring lasting enjoyment and value for your stargazing adventures.

Automatic Shut-Off and Timer

Set the starry sky projection light to turn off within 1 or 2 hours for bedtime relaxation. If you forget to set the timer, the projector will automatically turn off after 4 hours.

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So cool!!

I've been using this projector for a few weeks now, and I'm absolutely in love with it. The quiet motor ensures peaceful nights, and the fact that it turns off by itself is such a relief – no more waking up in the middle of the night to switch it off manually. It's made my bedtime routine so much more enjoyable!

Wade D.

A household hit!

"This projector has become a hit in our household! The whole family enjoys exploring the different scenes and setting it up for movie nights. The timer feature is great for ensuring it doesn't stay on all night, and the quiet operation means we can use it even when the little ones are asleep. It's been a fun and versatile addition to our home entertainment."

Beth D.

My daughter loves it!

I bought this projector for my daughter's nursery, and it's been a soothing companion during bedtime routines. The gentle starry projections help calm her down, and the timer ensures it turns off after she falls asleep. It's become part of our nighttime routine, creating a peaceful environment that helps her drift off!

Stacey R.

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