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✔️ Effortlessly Reduce Snoring

✔️ Adaptable Fit for Any Jaw Configuration

✔️ Enhances Sleep Quality & Elevates Well-being

✔️ Quieter nights for your partner 


How Does it Work?

Snoozeguardian advances the lower jaw, enhancing the space behind the tongue, which establishes an open airway in the throat. This allows air to flow smoothly and quietly which will reduce snoring


The go-to solution for snoring, embraced by thousands

"Mouthguards are exceptionally effective in alleviating persistent snoring" - Dr. Emily R. Thompson.


Say Goodbye To Snoring

No longer wake up drained and dreading the day. This advanced anti-snoring device is reposition the jaw slightly forward ensuring that both you and your loved ones enjoy uninterrupted, peaceful nights.


How It Works

Customize Your Mouthpiece

To ensure a proper fit for the mouthpiece, immerse it in boiling water, allow it to cool slightly, and then mold it to your mouth.

Adjust by 1mm Increments

Adjust the position of your Snoozeguardian to find the perfect setting that works for you

Put On Mouthpiece Every Night

Ensure to wear the mouthpiece each night to maintain consistent sleep quality and effective snoring reduction. It may take a few days of getting used to before results start showing.


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Endorsed by Experts in Sleep Medicine

Our dedication to outstanding sleep wellness has driven us to collaborate with esteemed sleep physicians, experts in deciphering sleep behaviors and conditions


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