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Snore Doc #1 Stop Snoring Device

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Sleep Great & Feel Better


The Real-World Dangers of Snoring

Did you know that sleep deprivation can also have profound consequences on your physical health? - National Health Services (NHS)

Low Energyand Low Libido
Low energy and low libido

Low energy, low libido, drowsiness, weakness, lack of focus and crankiness have all been linked to sleep deprivation.

Snoring lowers libido and leads to poor performance in the bedroom.

Relationships can dissolve

Snoring is the second most common cause of divorce in the UK under a list of ‘unreasonable behavior.’

51% of Brits prefer to sleep apart.

Male with pain reaching to his chest

Health problems

Countless peer-reviewed studies scream: ‘Yes, there IS a direct correlation between snoring and increased risk of heart problems, alzheimers, stroke, and even cancer.’

And the list goes on.

Stops Snoring Effectively

Works Instantly

Easy to Use


Easy to Clean





How Effective Is snoremover?

It is clinically proven to aid your sleep and eliminate snoring from your life for good. Are you ready to join the evolution of wellbeing?

*The Screenshot are from the SnoreLab app

SnoreLab shows the high level of snoring sounds before using SnoRemover to stop snoring.


SnoreLab shows that snoring comes to a halt after using SnoRemover to stop snoring


How it Works


SnoRemover, being micro-adjustable, pushes the lower jaw forward by exactly the right amount of millimeters, to release the back of the tongue.



This frees up the airway, whilst also firming up the tissue in the back of the throat.

This makes it less floppy and less prone to the vibration that causes the unmistakable sound of snoring.




Christopher Wright, Edinburgh SnoRemover Customer
I knew I snore, but it wasn’t until after using this anti-snoring device stopped my snoring that I realized how much I previously missed out on life.
I used to get more tired out of bed than when I went in.
Now I just pop in my SnoRemover and wake up more refreshed and energized.
Christopher Wright, Edinburgh​
I’m really happy this anti-snoring device instantly stopped Jonas from snoring. There were nights I went crazy from his rumbling.
What a noise that man can produce!
And let’s be frank, all that tension was not good for our relationship, in many aspects.
So thanks a lot for this affordable marriage-saver!
Cindy Owen, Newcastle




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