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Smoo™ EyeCare Pro

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Product description
Discover visible transformations in just 2 weeks with Smoo™ Eyecare Pro, a certified skincare breakthrough.
Expertly crafted, our FDA Approved red light therapy and microcurrent technology seamlessly combine to eliminate under-eye bags and dark circles, ensuring a certified path to a refreshed, luminous gaze.
Certified Revival
**The images displayed originate from a Nadove clinical trial.**
Smoo™ Benefits
Reduce Dark Circles & Eye Bags
Enhance skin vitality, diminish puffiness, and minimize dark circles by boosting blood circulation.
Safe & Non-Invasive Treatment
Red light therapy is a non-invasive and safe method for skin rejuvenation which carries carries no adverse effects.
Effectively Treat Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Stimulate your collagen production with red light therapy and reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.
Life Can Be Dark Circle Free!
The Better Choice
Us vs less effective & expensive eye care treatments.
The Smoo™ Eyecare Pro employs innovative Dual Care technology, combining red light and EMS-microcurrent for a comprehensive eye renewal.
660 nm red light energizes your cells, hastening rejuvenation and repair, leaving your under-eyes glowing and firm.
EMS-microcurrent pulsations exercise the orbicularis oculi muscle, reducing sagging and puffiness, restoring a vibrant look.
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