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Product description


🙌 Enhances Scalp Health & Hair Vitality

💪 Precise Oil Application

🌟 Red Light Technology

🙌 High Frequency Massager

30 Days of Oil Application

Before After


97% - Noticed that there itchy scalp went away after regular use

100% - Reported a noticeable increase in hair thickness after repeated use

100% - Of users reported it was easier to follow a nightly hair routine with the assistance of our applicator

No more thinning hair - No more itchy scalp

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Waterproof x
Rechargeable x
Massage Function x
Red Light Technology x
Oil Application  x



Red Light Therapy

Beyond the ordinary, our red light therapy revitalizes hair follicles from the root. The result? Noticeably healthier hair growth and a reenergized scalp.

High-Frequency Vibrations

The gentle yet effective vibrations not only soothe but also stimulate the scalp. It enhances blood circulation, paving the way for better nutrient delivery to hair roots.

Precision Serum Tank

With a 6ML tank, say goodbye to uneven applications. Every drop of your favorite serum is used optimally, ensuring maximum benefits.

Fast Charging & Portability

Quick charging with a full battery in just two hours. Lightweight and compact, it's your perfect travel companion.

How To Use

  1. Charge & Fill: Ensure OpuScalp Viva is charged and tank is filled with your favorite hair serum/oil.
  2. Select Mode: Choose between Vibration + Red Light, Red Light Only, or Vibration Only.
  3. Apply Serum/Oil: Press the tank cap to dispense serum, moving the device in circular motions around the scalp.
  4. Clean: Post-use, clean the device. It’s IPX5 waterproof, so it can be rinsed under water.
  5. Regular Use: Incorporate into your routine for best results.


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