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PuzzleRacer™ Kids Car Track Set

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Product description

Discover the Magic of Learning Through Play! 🧩 

Let your child dive into the world of logical rail puzzles, boosting their cognitive development while having a blast. PuzzleRacer™ actively engages children in intellectual challenges, enhancing their imagination, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills with every track they build.

Themes Galore for An Adventurous Playtime 

Choose from an array of exciting themes including Dinosaur, Ocean, Forest and Space. These diverse themes plunge kids into different adventurous scenarios, enriching their playtime and fueling their storytelling skills.

Not Just A Toy, It’s the Perfect Gift

Searching for a unique and entertaining gift? The PuzzleRacer™ is the perfect choice for children aged 3 and up. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions, it’s more than a gift; it’s an investment in fun-filled learning and precious family time.


  • 15 Piece Set - 8 puzzles + 1 car + 6 road signs
  • 25 Piece Set - 12 puzzles + 1 car + 12 road signs

Learning in Disguise

They'll build tracks, ignite creativity, and sharpen problem-solving skills while having a blast! Just like sneaking veggies into ice cream!

DIY Fun for Hours!

Kids can build dream tracks for hours of engaging play, blending racing with brain-boosting challenges that enhance problem-solving, logic, and motor skills

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose from a fantastic array of themes, including dinosaurs, the ocean, forest and space. With these diverse options, every playtime transforms into a unique adventure.


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