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PureSleepy® Vacuum

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Product description

Tired of Being Tired?

Mattresses are home to millions of dust mites feasting on dead skin cells! Shockingly, about 10% of a two-year-old pillow’s weight is made up of them

We breathe allergens all night, and without even realizing it,
our breathing highways get blocked, causing symptoms like poor sleep, lethargy, snoring, brain fog, itchy skin and eyes.

PureSleepy is a life-changer that’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

PureSleepy vs Regular Vacuums

Dust mites, dust, and dead skin cells are tiny, making them tough for regular vacuums to get rid of. These mites stick to fabrics, which is why we created PureSleepy.

PureSleepy Vacuum

Two Drum Pads

PureSleepy features two built-in pads that drums out all mites and dust hidden deep in your bed with an impressive 8.000 beats per minute.

Powerful Suction: Dual Modes

The adjustable 12.000 Pa suction power effectively removes dust, mites, and dead skin from any fabric.

UV Lights Eliminate Bacteria

The built-in UV-Blue lights eliminate up to 99% of remaining bacteria and viruses in your bed.

Washable HEPA Filters

Easily clean the high-efficiency particle filter by washing it with water and reuse it.

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Modern Solution for Modern Problems

Our Mission: More Awareness

Dust mites and dust sensitivity are problems we face today because of modern factors like antibiotics, strong chemical cleaners, and processed food.

It’s the irony of progress – our modern comforts leave us more vulnerable than ever.

PureSleepy has changed thousands of lives, and our aim is to help more people like you experience the benefits of healthy sleep.

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out.
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