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PetClippers™ - Professional Groomer for Pet Owners

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Product description

PetClippers™ - Professional Groomer for Pet Owners

Product Highlights
Low Noise - 50 db.
Quick charging capabilities.
Up to 4 hours of battery life.
Wave goodbye to pet shop costs!
Designed for your pet's safety.
Where Care Meets Economy!
At Wiser Prime, we understand the deep bond between you and your furry friend. Our mission is to provide them with quality care, allowing you to save money while strengthening your bond even further. With PetClippers, each grooming session becomes an act of love and savings.

Product Specifications

PetClippers™ Where Care and High Quality Meets Economy! 

Perfect for your little love!
Complete Trimming Tools
Our PetClippers include 3 trimmer heads and 1 nail grinder head that can be replaced, if you're looking for a hair clipper for grooming for dog, cat or other furry friend, then look no further, this dog nail clippers have trimming and everything needed for full body clipping and nail sharpening.

Safe & Effective
PetClippers are designed with the safety of your pet in mind. The blade's safety design guarantees 100% protection against injury, ensuring a safe grooming experience even for beginners. Along with this, many pets are often stressed by the noise and vibration of dog hair clippers, which is why our clippers feature a superior motor and whisper-quiet technology. This helps to keep pets calm and allows for faster and easier grooming.
Quick trims, Amazing results!
PetClippers turn grooming into moments of joy and beauty, making your pet shine with love

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What Makes PetClippers Special
Find out why you should choose PetClippers instead of other Pet Shavers tools.

How to Use?
1. Bathe your dog first to keep him clean and undirty all over.

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2. Use a comb to smooth the hair first, Remove dead knots and tangles.

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3. Trimming long hair with scissors.

Step 3.jpg__PID:486979c6-534e-4189-913c-a0c62e333da8
4. Shave dog hair whit the PetClippers.

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