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Pantufla - Men's Xplorer Pro™ Sock Shoes

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Product description

Men's Xplorer Pro™ Sock Shoes
Comfortable As Socks, Protect Like Shoes, And Fit Into Any Backpack

✔️ Protects Your Feet From Sharp Objects
✔️ Ideal For Camping & Outdoor Adventures
✔️ Lightweight & Super Portable


"I got these for a trip to Patagonia. They fit on my backpack easily and I could enjoy the beautiful beaches and mountains with them. I love them!"
Pete W.California - ★★★★★


Protects Your Feet From Sharp Objects
Explore mountains, forests or hot sandy beaches with ease! Xplorer pro will protect you from sharp objects and slippery obstacles in your path.
The Anti-Slip Sole ensures a secure grip on any surface, whether it's wet pavement, slippery tiles, or uneven sidewalks.
While the Anti-Cutting sole acts as your shield against sharp objects, rugged trails, and jagged rocks.


Shockingly Comfortable Everywhere You Go
After a long day out, the first thing you probably do is taking your shoes off...
Freeing your feet from tight sneakers is stunningly pleasurable! 
Imagine having this feeling of comfort and freedom everywhere, all day long!
Walk, run, hike and even swim comfortably with Xplorer Pro sock shoes 

The Best Barefoot Shoes You Will Ever Own
Slip On Like Socks, Protect Like Shoes
Walk, run and hike carefree, your feet are protected.
Respects The Natural Shape Of Your Feet
Move freely and comfortable with ample space for your toes.
Made From Recycled Materials
Eco-friendly footwear you can feel proud about.


Your Best Travel Buddy
Xplorer Pro take up almost no space and fit into any backpack.
They are perfect for traveling, hiking, or as a backup shoe for trips.
You will get the functionality and durability of regular shoes, but as lightweight and portable as socks!


What Customers Are Saying

Richard, Florida - ★★★★★
Verified Customer
"I consider the Xplorer por as my new must for traveling! They not only are comfy, but also these are so extremely tiny to fit on my travel backpack (that's always super full). Last trip I did was to Cancun, I wore them on excursions, at the beach, and even at the swimming pool. Yeah, I love them 😂 I got 3 pairs and maybe soon a 4 one!"


Conor, California - ★★★★★
Verified Customer
"These shoes are amazing! They feel like being barefoot but at the same time they are so comfortable! Easy to put on and off. I walk the dog 3 times a day and they are the shoes I choose to do so. My wife got one pair for herself and she wears her as slippers!!! 100% recommended!!"


Mike, Missouri - ★★★★★
Verified Customer
"I stumbled upon the sock shoes and thought, 'Why not?' Now, I'm not one for writing reviews, but man, these shoes deserve it. They're light, they let your feet breathe, and you can wear them at the beach. Spot on. Sure, they look a bit different from your usual sneakers, but trust me, it's worth it for the comfort."

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