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OxyFit Breathing Trainer

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"I'm always looking for ways to improve my health. I was skeptical about the OxyFit trainer, but after incorporating it into my routine, the results were mind-blowing. My stamina skyrocketed, breathlessness isn't an issue anymore and I just feel way better. It's like I've unlocked a hidden power within me." - Robert S. USA

OxyFit Breathing Trainer

Naturally prevent or relieve breathing problems, improve stamina and boost performance with our scientifically backed OxyFit trainer.

  • improve lung capacity and function
  • improve stamina & endurance
  • fix the root cause of your breathing problems

Eliminate your breathing problems at home

When certain muscles crucial for breathing, like the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, become weaker, it can affect your respiratory system's efficiency. The strain imposed on the respiratory system due to weakened muscles can lead to increased fatigue, difficulty performing physical activities, and possibly worsen existing respiratory issues.

We need to strengthen the breathing muscles just like any other muscle in our body. The OxyFit uses RMT (respiratory muscle training) to do that.

OxyFit features an adjustable resistance valve which makes your breathing muscles work hard as you breath in and out of it. 5-10 minutes a day of OxyFit use corrects the root cause of your breathing problems.

It can be used anywhere.

An evidence-based solution that strengthens your breathing muscles

The lungs start to decline already from the age of 25 years in healthy people. If you are struggling with respiratory disease, your lung health decreases even faster.

Exercising and strengthening your lung-relevant muscles complex is the simplest way to reduce this aging process. RMT with OxyFit helps you build resilience to fight off infections, improve your forced vital capacity, and can help you rewind the aggravated lung aging process.

Improve lung capacity in minutes

Unlike altitude masks, the Oxyfit Breathing Trainer actually solves the real root cause of weak lungs by strengthening the respiratory muscles, thus improving lung capacity and function.

After just 5-7 days of consistently using the Oxyfit Breathing Trainer for at least ten minutes a day, this is what would happen to your body: increase stamina, lower fatigue, enhance overall respiratory well-being, and reclaim the best years of your life.

  • Using OxyFit's breathing trainer for only 10 minutes a day prevents the weakening of the breathing muscles
Less fatigue. Better sleep. Lower stress.

Reduce your respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness. By improving airflow and reducing airway obstruction, you'll experience fewer disruptions in your sleep, less fatigue and stress due to respiratory discomfort.

  • Proven to help you sleep better, deeper, and wake up more energized & focused

Alleviating multiple types of pain

With the help of expert pulmonologists, OxyFit took 3 years to develop the breathing trainer after endless nights of research and dedication to the device's key features. it's proven to provide many benefits such as:

Alt image  boosts stamina
As you work against the resistance, your respiratory muscles must work harder. Over time, this increases their endurance and capacity, allowing you to sustain physical activities for longer durations.
Alt imagereduced fatigue

By consistently training with the resistance trainer, you can optimize your breathing technique. This improved respiratory efficiency leads to better oxygen utilization, reducing fatigue, and ultimately boosting your stamina for extended workout sessions

Alt image improve lung capacity

Training with the resistance trainer encourages deeper, more efficient breathing. This leads to a gradual expansion of your lung capacity, allowing you to take in more oxygen with each breath and hold your breath for longer periods. Stretching your diaphragm and intercostal muscles allows you to decrease the residual volume and increase the amount of usable air. This, of course, is good news for athletes, as well as patients with asthma or COPD.

Alt image helps with asthma and COPD

OxyFit helps with less shortness of breath. A review of 43 studies with 640 COPD patients concluded that respiratory muscle training improved both inspiratory muscle strength, and exercise capacity. As a result, chronic lung patients decreased their shortness of breath (dyspnea) and improved their quality of life, according to the researchers. (Beaumont et al., 2018. Respiratory muscle training reduces the 3 most common asthma symptoms: shortage of breath, chest tightness and wheezing/coughing. Researchers have found it helps improve effects of medication (Lista-Paz et al, 2023) and reduce attacks in children & teens (David et al., 2018)

Alt image better sleep

Meditative breathing patterns will allow you to relax and recover during the night and maintain a lower heart rate during exercise, so you recover faster in between efforts

Alt image decreased stress levels

Deep breathing exercises with OxyFit stimulate your nervous system by activating the Vagus nerve and releasing more ‘happy hormones’. This builds your calm and lowers stress so you can concentrate and focus better.

Designed & recommended by medical professionals

The newest version of the OxyFit Vibrating Exhaler has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by top pulmonologists and doctors.

Get long-term results for less than a fraction of the cost of recurring medication fees

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75,700+ lungs saved!

When we started out, we had no idea that our OxyFit would help improve so many people lives, and we promise to continue innovating & supporting you in your everyday activities.

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