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Orthopedic Double Cat Bowl With Raised Stand

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Product description

Say goodbye to vomiting! Say hello to feline feeding comfort!

We've heard time and time again how our feeder "just works". Switch today and save 50% on our biggest sale of the year!


"My 13 year old cat used to be a vomit comet. Since switching to Ortho Bowl, she hasn't vomited in months! Here's the deal - if you have a senior cat, you NEED to get this bowl!" - Nicole G.


Ortho Bowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder


Get the #1 vet-recommended feeder for your cat's digestive health.

If you have a senior cat or cat that vomits, this is for them!

⦿ Reduce vomiting and regurgitation

⦿ Reduce neck strain and arthritis  

⦿ Better portion control & less shovel eating

⦿ More comfort during feeding! 


Cats love eating from their elevated feeders! It's better for their health too!


Your cat is straining their neck during mealtimes

They're "shovel-eating" - leading to regurgitation and after meals 

Bugs & hairballs are getting into their food

Frequent vomiting after meals

Discomfort for senior cats 

The Solution

The Ortho Bowl is tilted and elevated for optimal feeding posture

This reduces neck strain and reduces vomiting

Feeding station becomes more hygienic

Your cat is visibly more comfortable during mealtime


"It works! One of the easiest investments I've ever made in my cat's health."

Changing your cats feeding posture is one of the least expensive ways you can improve your cat's health.

By providing your cat with a healthy feeding solution, you can reduce the risk of costly health issues down the line. 


A vet-recommended "must-have" for senior cats

Is your cat older than the age of 7? 

If so, you know that aging cats often struggle with arthritis and joint pain which can make everyday activities like eating a painful experience.

Order now and give your senior cat the gift of comfort and care they deserve!


Trusted by 45,823+ happy cats

Cat owners are obsessed..


5 reasons why veterinarians recommend the Ortho Bowl!

Reduce neck strain & joint pain! Especially important senior cats with arthritis or mobility issues.

When a cat eats from a traditional ground-level bowl, they have to lower their neck and head to reach the food, which can put unnecessary pressure on their neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Over time, this can lead to neck strain, stiffness, and even pain. By bringing the food to a more natural feeding position, the Ortho Bowl helps promote better posture, alleviating neck strain and discomfort.


Improve feeding comfort by promoting a more ergonomic position for feeding.

As you probably know, neck strain and joint pain are extremely common issues as cats get older.
As cats age, they may develop arthritis or other mobility issues that make it painful or uncomfortable for them to crouch down to eat.
By providing your senior cat with a Ortho Bowl orthopedic feeder, you can ensure that they continue to enjoy their mealtimes with ease and comfort!


Better portion control! Our bowls are appropriately sized so that your cat is never eating too much at once!

Traditional bowls are not designed with portion control in mind, and as a result, many cats end up overeating or eating too fast (leading to vomiting).
Each bowl's depth and size are carefully calculated to ensure that your cat eats a measured amount of food in each sitting. Not too much!
We've made the bowls transparent to make it easy to monitor your cat's food intake and ensure they are not overeating.


Improve digestion and reduce vomiting. Leverage in gravity to get food down stomach, resulting in less backflow!

Ortho Bowl is specifically designed to improve your cat's digestion and reduce the likelihood of vomiting.
With its elevated and tilted design, the Ortho Bowl decreases "shovel-eating" and reduces the amount of air that your cat swallows while eating, helping to prevent digestive issues.
By encouraging your cat to eat in a more natural posture, Ortho Bowl also leverages gravity in helping your cat get food down to their stomach.
The result? Less vomiting and regurgitation! And a healthier, happier mealtime!


Improve feeding hygiene! Elevation reduces risk of bugs and hairballs getting into your cat's feeder!

Because Ortho Bowl is elevated, it reduces the risk of contamination from hairballs and debris that accumulate on the floor. It also makes it harder for bugs to get into the feeder.
By changing the way your cat eats, Ortho Bowl helps promote healthier and more hygienic feeding habits that can improve your cat's overall health and wellbeing.


It's going viral on social media..

The Ortho Bowl has accumulated tens of thousands of shares and comments across social media! It's the #1 recommended feeder for feline comfort and it works!!


How does the Ortho Bowl™ compare?

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