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Original Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Product description

Biohacking Hydration

IonBottles™ is the ultimate go-to portable hydrogen-infusing bottle. The technology in the bottle simply infuses your water with Hydrogen.

Why is Hydrogen important?

Decades of research confirm the extraordinary importance of Hydrogen for our bodies. It's a daily superpower many miss, combating Oxidative Stress & Inflammation, boosting Gut Health, enhancing Brain Function, elevating Energy, reducing Athletic Fatigue, improving Sleep, and hastening Recovery. The secret to superior health lies in every drop.



One Button Technology

The bottle is very easy to use. Don't worry about difficult manuals or programs.

There is only ONE button.

When you press this button a process will start where the bottle infuses water with hydrogen through a process called electrolysis.

Here Is How It Works

STEP ONE: Begin by charging the bottle. Once it's fully charged, it will indicate this with a green light.

STEP TWO: Fill the bottle with regular water. Press the button, and a blue light will turn on, signaling that the hydrogen infusion process has started. This typically takes around 3 minutes.

STEP THREE: Once the infusion process is complete, the blue light will turn off, indicating that your hydrogen-enriched water is ready. Start sipping and experience the amazing health benefits of hydrogen-infused water

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