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Product description
Breathe better, sleep better.
To achieve quality sleep, sufficient airflow through the nasal passages is essential. We address this by eliminating snoring sounds and opening up the airways.photo 2024 03 22 08.36.46

92% Noticed enhanced sleep quality after just 3 days of use.

89% Said they could breathe better through their nose and eliminated congestion.

100% Saved their partners from the haunting sound of their snoring…

*results based on verified customer reports

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Features That Stand Out:
  • High-Quality Medical Grade Silicone
  • Odor-Free and BPA-Free
  • Safe and Reusable Design
  • No Side Effects

2NO Sonor

The easy solution:

The No Snore clips are snore-stopping nose clips that open up nasal passages for improved breathing, especially beneficial for those with blocked airways. Breathe better, sleep soundly.

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