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NeuRelaxa™ Digital Frame

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NeuRelaxa™ Chest Binder

Size Chart

How It Works
Simply wear NeuRelaxa™ like a regular undershirt.
Slip your arms through the armholes, zip up the front closure, and adjust for a comfortable, secure fit.
It's that easy to feel confident and supported in our gender-affirming binder!

Feel COMFY While being your Truest Self
Experience the comfort of the most high-quality binder in your closet, made with bamboo charcoal and nylon chinlon fabrics.

Voted #1 Binder of 2023 for a reason..

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Comfy & Durable x
Top Tier Compression x
Confidence Booster
Non-Elastic x

Experience NeuRelaxa™ Front Zip Safety
Ease of Use
Our front zip style offers hassle-free wear, eliminating the struggle with side hooks for quick and effortless dressing while reducing the risk of injury.
Even Compression
Unlike side-zipped binders, our front zip design applies even pressure across the chest for a flatter appearance, ensuring comfort and safety.
Discreet Design
Our front zip style features seamless stitching and discreet detailing, ensuring it remains virtually undetectable under clothing. This attention to detail promotes confidence and ease, allowing you to wear it discreetly in any situation.

What People Like You Are Saying

Tabitha Labadie -Verified  verify-Super thing, very comfortable, breathable, pleasant to the body, not constrain movement. I tried many binders, this is still a favorite. I took too large a size unfortunately, I think I will order a smaller one later. But also in large winter it is comfortable to walk, comfortable and nothing is visible under the jacket


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