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Turn Any Phone Into A Pro Microscope With 200x Magnification

Introducing the most innovative Mini Phone Microscope – NanoZoom. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology that fits right in your pocket. Explore the unseen, examine the extraordinary, and redefine your perspective with this revolutionary device.

File:Eo circle green checkmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons 200x Magnification CPL Lens 

File:Eo circle green checkmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons Works With All Smartphones 

File:Eo circle green checkmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons

2 Brightness Modes For Low Light 

File:Eo circle green checkmark.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Scratch-Resistant Coating 

As Seen In


Revolutionize Microscopic Exploration

Welcome to a new era of microscopic exploration with NanoZoom. This portable marvel boasts six exceptional features that redefine how you engage with the world around you.

High Resolution

Capture microscopic marvels in vivid detail.

Instant Sharing

Share your microscopic adventures instantly with friends and followers.

APP Free

No app downloads, just direct access to the wonders of magnification.

With CPL Lens

Enjoy glare-free, crystal-clear images, thanks to the Circular Polarizer Lens.

6 LED Lights

Illuminate your discoveries for pristine clarity, even in low light.

Universal Compatibility

NanoZoom fits seamlessly with all smartphone models, making it the ultimate tech companion.


Meet NanoSight

Are you ready to unlock a world of microscopic wonders?

Say hello to the NanoZoom, the viral phone accessory of 2023 that’s changing how we explore the unseen. With 200x magnification and a powerful CPL lens, this compact marvel turns any smartphone into a pro microscope, offering superior clarity and extraordinary insights. Discover the possibilities with NanoZoom.

Embark on an Infinite Journey with NanoZoom

Get ready to transcend boundaries and step into a realm where the potential is limitless, and the opportunities are as vast as the cosmos. With NanoZoom, you’re not just unlocking a world of possibilities but a multiverse of boundless opportunities. Your journey to the extraordinary starts now.

Applications Beyond Imagination

The NanoZoom transcends the boundaries of curiosity. It’s your key to unlocking a world of applications you never thought possible. From studying plants and insects to factory quality inspection, painting identification, electronic testing, cosmetic analysis, antique appraisal, and microbiology, NanoZoom empowers your passion for discovery and photography.

How It Works

Explore, Capture, and Share. Unlock the extraordinary with NanoZoom—a portable microscope that turns your smartphone into a powerful tool for exploration. Whether you own an iOS smartphone, NanoZoom effortlessly adapts to your phone’s camera, promising a seamless and hassle-free experience like never before.


200x Your Camera’s Zoom In 3 Simple Steps


"Biological Explorer and Microscopic Visionary"


"As a biologist, my world revolves around the tiniest details of life. NanoZoom has become an indispensable companion in my research. Its 200x magnification and CPL lens reveal hidden intricacies with clarity. Those 6 LED lights are a boon, ensuring I never overlook a crucial element. Plus, the instant sharing feature fosters collaboration and takes my discoveries beyond the lab. NanoZoom: where biology meets precision."





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