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OSMO Nanny Care E7 - Baby Monitor

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Product description

Top Rated Baby Monitor

2-way quality audio

360° tilt-rotation to cover everything

Smart motion detection

1080p HD video with night vision

Watch your baby from anywhere


"Absolutely love this camera! Their smart motion detection is awesome and I can watch my baby even when not at home."

Do you want to ensure that your baby is okay at all times or simply receive notification of any unusual movements? Osmo Nanny Care E7 uses innovative motion detection technology powered with 1080p HD crystal clear image with night vision, so you can see everything perfectly even when the lights are off. Unlike other baby monitors which are limited to location, you can connect OSMO Nanny Care E7 to your smartphone and even watch it when you're not at home.

With two-way audio, you can have a conversation with anyone in the room or just say something when you miss your baby. The tilt can be rotated by 360° from your phone, so it ensures that everything is covered. Just connect it to your smartphone and start having full control even when you're not at home.


With the new version of Osmo Nanny Care E7, Osmo uses innovative smart motion detection and in-app control to provide you with crystal clear view at all times. We offer free Express Shipping for all orders.


OSMO Nanny Care E7

You can now watch and talk to your baby, no matter how far from home you might be. With smart motion detection and night vision, it adds extra layer of security to your home.


Why OSMO Nanny Care E7 stands out


The Science Behind Our Innovative Smart Motion Detection Technology

Osmo Nanny Care E7 uses innovative smart motion detection which sends you notifications of any unusual movements, adding an extra layer of protection to the camera.

You can control everything through your smartphone, including rotating the camera and checking different parts of the room.

With 2-way audio, you can listen and talk to anyone in the room or simply wish your baby a good morning when you’re not at home.



More about Osmo Nanny Care E7

See your baby from anywhere: Simply connect OSMO Nanny Care E7 to your smartphone and you can see your baby from anywhere, no matter how far from home you are.

Covers all parts of the room: You can rotate it by 360° from your smartphone and check every corner of the room.

Enhanced night vision: Besides crystal clear 1080p HD video, it also has enhanced night vision that provides a clear picture at night.

Safety notifications: You’ll receive notifications if any unusual movement happens during the night time.

2-way audio: You can now talk with anyone in the room or just wish your baby a good morning.

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