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Moodozi Light Therapy

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Product description

Best Rated SAD Light Therapy

100% UV radiation-free.

Stops "bad mood" days

Increases energy and focus naturally

Stimulates sun's energy for better sleep

Adjustable brightness ~ 10,000 lux


“... I feel so uplifted now. It really improves focus and overall mood.”

Do you find yourself having bad mood days and feeling unmotivated, less focused, and grumpy throughout the whole day or you're simply experiencing seasonal depression? Moodozi Light Therapy uses advanced light therapy to stimulate the sun's energy for you to experience all the sun's benefits and be more motivated, focused, happier, and have a better sleep.

You can choose between 2000 to 10,000 LUX to adjust the sun's light intensity at different times of the day. Carry it with yourself anywhere you go and just a couple of minutes a day are proven to be mood boosting. It's time to stop brain fog, remove mood swings, and put an end to pessimistic thoughts.


Moodozi Light Therapy

Package Includes:

 Moodozi Light Therapy

Support Bracket

USB Type-C Cable

User Manual

Why Moodozi Light Therapy stands out


The Science Behind Our High-Grade Light Therapy

Moodozi Light Therapy uses high-grade light technology to stimulate the sunlight which triggers the brain to release serotonin which is also called the happy hormone.

Moodozi Light Therapy isn't only a powerful therapy for boosting your mood and relieving seasonal depression, but it also re-synchronizes your biological clock to improve your sleep and help you feel more motivated throughout the day.

With adjustable color temperatures and brightness, you can experience the sun's energy at different times of day.


How to use Moodozi Light Therapy

... and witness the mood-lifting results.


More about Moodozi Light Therapy

High-grade light therapy: Ensures stimulation of sun’s energy that gives you full benefits such as mood boost, better sleep and focus, less stress, etc.

100% natural and harm-free: Moodozi Light Therapy was made carefully to be as healthy as possible and with 100% UV-radiation free technology, it’s completely natural and safe.

No more seasonal depression: It’s time to say goodbye to bad mood days when you feel grumpy and you can barely get out of the bed.

Precise timer: Select between 15-30-45-60 minute light therapy and stop worrying if you got enough sun or if you forgot to turn it off.

Different sun color temperature: You can choose from 3000K-4700K-6500K color temperature to adjust the sun color that fits you the most.

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out.
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