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Minosco™ l Calming Beam Collar

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Product description

Ease Your Kittys Anxiety with Playful Distraction and Non-Stop Amusement!

😸 Reduces kitty stress

😽 Encourages active play

😹 Automatic amusement

😻 Safe, engaging fun

" Wow, I noticed my cat was way less anxious even after the first day of using this! Shes always had a lasers fixation and this toy takes it to another level. Super happy with the purchase! "
Nancy X.
  1. Prepare the Collar: Adjust the collar to fit your cat comfortably.
  2. Activate the Laser: Turn on the laser using the designated button or switch.
  3. Engage Your Cat: Direct the laser beam onto a surface and encourage your cat to chase it.

Stressed Felines? Ease Anxiety with Engaging Play! 😺

Is your cat showing signs of anxiety? Clawing at furniture and excessively hiding can be troubling. The Feline Minosco's Beam Calming Laser Collar is here to transform stress into playtime. With this smart, interactive collar, your furry friend will chase and pounce, redirecting anxious energy into positive play

Discover Endless Fun with Smart Amusement! 🎉

The collars clever design means you don’t have to be there to press play. It activates automatically, casting a dancing laser for your cat to chase. Perfect for those moments when youre busy, your kitty can still enjoy a fun and stimulating exercise, keeping boredom at bay

Need a Safe Toy That Keeps Cats Engaged? 🚫🔌

Ditch the worry of plugged-in toys. The Feline Minosco's Beam is battery-operated, giving you peace of mind. With its secure, comfortable fit and eye-safe laser, its designed for your pet’s safety and endless entertainment, indoors or out.

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