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Portable Mini Mop

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“I was tired of wasting paper towels and various other cleaning wipes while cleaning up small messes around the house. I saw an ad for the Mini Mop online and decided to try it. It’s been a game changer!”

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Natalie Santos
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Traditional cleaning supplies are expensive, take up storage space, and create a lot of waste. Clean up efficiently, simply, and affordably with the compact and durable Mini Mop!

 The Mini Mop features a hand-held and lightweight design that allows users to quickly clean up, rinse out, and store the device in minutes. This allows for ease of use on a daily basis so you no longer procrastinate on cleaning up those small messes that pop up every week!  




✅ INSTANT CLEANING: There’s nothing worse than making a mess around the house or car, having to go into the closet, and dig out all of your cleaning supplies to clean up a mess that should only take seconds!

 ✅ SAVE MONEY: Let’s face it, inflation is hurting everyone! Save on cleaning supplies by having a simple, reusable device to fulfill all your everyday household needs.

 ✅ SELF-RINSING TECHNOLOGY: Unique self-rinsing design cleans out your sponge with the pull of one lever in seconds! Save time and reduce waste by having a product that cleans itself.

 ✅ HANDHELD DESIGN: Our compact design has your storage and closet space in mind! Store almost anywhere! The Mini Mop can easily fit in various locations around the house or your car’s glove compartment.

 ✅ QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Cleaning products with lackluster materials and design waste people’s time and money. The Mini Mop was designed with the intent to be used in a variety of conditions where a little “elbow grease” is necessary.




1. Remove from the original box

2. Attach sponge to the end of the mop

3. Go to town cleaning!

4. Rinse via pulling the self-cleaning ring

5. And repeat!

With the Mini Mop, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief every time those unavoidable messes occur. The Mini Mop does more than just clean, it saves you time and hard-earned money by offering a simple to use and efficient solution to everyday cleaning needs that will fit effortlessly anywhere!



 Height: 11.61 in
Width: 6.10 in



 (1) x Mop Handle
(1/2/3) x Cleaning Sponges (depending on selection)
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