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Mamafique™ Maternity Leggings

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Product description

Mamafique™ Maternity Leggings
"These leggings made my pregnancy so much better! - Emily R.

  •  Ultimate Comfort and Flexibility
  • Alleviates Pregnancy Back Pain
  • Grows With Your Bump
  • Promotes Leg Health and Circulation

Size Guide
Tip 1) Choose your usual pre-pregnancy size.
Tip 2) If you're between sizes, size down.

Join 30,000+ Mamas Who Trust Mamafique
Our Mamafique Maternity Leggings are a part of daily joy, comfort, and confidence for thousands of expectant mamas like you.

Designed for Your Pregnancy Journey
Our leggings are designed for your comfort and well-being. They're not just another pair of pants, but a companion for your journey into motherhood.
pillows..png__PID:287298da-ba0c-4ad9-8e22-c509e09a4c9dAll-Day Comfort
Soft, stretchy, and soothing, ensuring comfort that adapts to your every move.
pregnant,.png__PID:7298daba-0c7a-498e-a2c5-09e09a4c9d60Grows With You
Expands with your growing bump for a perfect fit, trimester after trimester.
spine..png__PID:98daba0c-7ad9-4e22-8509-e09a4c9d604aRelieves Back Pain
Redistributes your baby's weight, reducing back strain.
electrocardiogram..png__PID:c1287298-daba-4c7a-998e-22c509e09a4cPromotes Healthy Circulation 
Enhances circulation and minimizes swelling.

Feel the Difference with Mamafique
1.png__PID:8906950a-e63f-4554-872d-79dabe1af933Reported increased daily comfort
2.png__PID:06950ae6-3f15-4447-ad79-dabe1af9330fObserved a reduction in swelling 
3.png__PID:950ae63f-1554-472d-b9da-be1af9330f35Experienced back pain relief


Mamafique Through The Trimesters
From the first signs of pregnancy to the joyous moments post-delivery, Mamafique Leggings are here to provide comfort, support, and style.
First Trimester

Trimester 1.png__PID:4d8885c4-81a2-445f-97d4-18f14b8fd628
Gentle Support for Early Days
In your first trimester, when comfort is key as your body begins to change, our leggings offer gentle, flexible support, making those early days worry-free and comfortable.
Second Trimester

Trimester 2.png__PID:8885c481-a224-4f57-9418-f14b8fd62892
Growing with You and Your Baby
As you enter the second trimester and your baby bump becomes more pronounced, our leggings stretch to accommodate your growing belly, ensuring comfort and style as you embrace your journey.
Third Trimester

Maternity Leggings Image 4 CMP.jpg__PID:dfe73688-a8a0-4aca-ba1e-d1b6b5a76228
Reliable Support When You Need It Most
In your third trimester, when support is crucial, our leggings provide extra reinforcement for your back and belly, easing discomfort and helping you stay active and confident.

Comfort Beyond Pregnancy
Postpartum is a time of transition, and our leggings adapt to your body’s post-birth changes, offering the same comfort and style you relied on during pregnancy.

Look Great, Feel Great, Every Day
Mamafique Leggings blend style with comfort, making them perfect for any occasion. Dress them up for a night out or keep it casual for everyday wear. They boost your confidence day and night.

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What Mamas Like You Are Saying
"Totally adore these! I've sampled quite a few maternity leggings, but these take the cake. The fabric is both soft and stretchy, perfectly contouring to your body without any bunching or sagging. They're also super breathable, a godsend for those hot flushes."
- Ally C.

"Currently in my third trimester, and wow, these leggings are a revolution! They allow full movement and bending, are completely opaque, and the belly band reaches up to my bra, which is fantastic! Gives my butt a nice lift too!"
- Sammy M.

4f18da1469e6c0121d373dd8ae2084a2 (1).jpg__PID:2d751c98-2a91-414f-acfa-bed47ac763f8
"For me, these leggings are an absolute must-have during pregnancy. They strike the right balance between support and flexibility. I can comfortably work out at the gym or just go about my day. They're so good, I wear them nonstop and still feel and look amazing. Already planning my next purchase!"
- Audrey F.


The Mamafique Difference
Our leggings are a fusion of thoughtful design and innovation tailored for expecting mamas, enhancing your comfort and confidence.

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