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💜Ready To Embrace Voluminous, Denser, And Healthier Hair? Take Action Now!


⦿ Red Light Therapy: The Thera Brush Uses 650nm Red Light To Stimulate Hair Follicles And Promote Hair Growth. The Red Light Penetrates The Scalp, Increasing Blood Flow, And Circulation, And Allowing The Hair Follicles To Thrive. Studies Show That It Can Promote Hair Growth, And Thicker + Fuller Hair After Just 30 Days!

⦿ Blue Light Therapy: Blue Light Has Antimicrobial Properties, That Help Regulate Bacteria And Sebum Production On The Scalp. Giving Your Scalable Light Treatment Can Lead To A Healthier Scalp, With Less Dandruff And Hair-harming Bacteria.

⦿ Stimulating Scalp Massage: Stimulating The Scalp With A Vibrating Massage Increases Blood Flow And Helps Your Hair Follicles Get The Nutrients They Need To Thrive. Daily Scalp Massaging Can Stimulate Hair Growth, And Healthier Hair, And Also Helps Relieve Stress-related Cortisol.

⦿ Essential Oil Diffuser: The Thera Brush Diffuses Essential Oils Deep Into The Scalp For Optimal Hydration And Moisturization. You Can Use Oils Like Rosemary And Jojoba Oil, Which Have Proven Hair-restoring Properties. The Diffuser Helps Disperse The Essential Oils Deep Into The Roots Of Your Hair For The Ultimate Effectiveness.

⦿ De-tangling Brush: The Thera Brush, Along With Its Hair-restoring Benefits, Also Works Amazingly At Brushing And De-tangling Your Hair! Keep Your Hair Healthy, Nourished, Hydrated, And Tangle-free!


⦿ Use The Thera Brush Consistently For At Least 15 Minutes Per Day To Get The Most Effective Results.

⦿ Cycle Between Blue Light, And Red Light On Targeted Areas To Stimulate Hair Restoration.

⦿  add Your Favorite Essential Oils (Rosemary, Coconut, Argan, Jojoba, Etc), And Turn On The Diffuser To Deeply Hydrate Your Hair/scalp. Remember to always dilute Your Essential Oils With Water To Prevent Unwanted Irritation

Red Light Therapy
Stimulates Collagen Production In Your Scalp, Leading To Your Hair Growing Thicker/Fuller.
Blue Light Therapy
Eliminates Bacteria Build Up On The Scalp, Reducing Dandruff & Promoting Healthier Hair.
Essential Oil Therapy
Atomizes & Diffuses Hair Restoring Essential Oils Deep Into Your Scalp For Optimal Absorption.
Massage Therapy
3-Mode Massage Stimulates Blood Flow, Tension & Healthier Hair Growth.


Harness The Power Of Light.

Extraordinary Red & Blue Light Therapy, Known For It's Proven Ability To Rejuvenate Your Scalp & Fortify Your Hair Roots. These Therapeutic Lights Stimulate Cellular Activity, Reduce Inflammation, & Promote Healthy Blood Flow.

Soothe & Stimulate.

Enhancing Blood Circulation To Support Long-Term Hair Growth With Three Adjustable Levels Of Soothing Massage, You'll Witness The Enduring Benefits Of This Soothing Massaging Action.

Absorption At It's Best.

Enhances The Absorption Of Hair Growth Essential Oils, Ensuring Your Hair Receives The Nutrients It Needs. A Daily Ritual That Paves The Way For Thicker, Healthier Hair Over Time.

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