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Lootz™ Active Step

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Active Step for Foot and Body Health

2SC_Icons-03.png__PID:b3cbaeac-a4ae-4e99-b632-a7185e6e40d9  Stretch

With each step we take, our feet stretch, expand and spread on the ground. In tight shoes, the foot cannot complete this spreading movement because it does not have the space to do it. Active Step is flexible enough to allow for this expansion.

2SC_Icons-04.png__PID:cbaeaca4-ae9e-49b6-b2a7-185e6e40d9d6 Thumb 

If your big toe does not touch the ground while standing, this is a big problem. Because the thumb must bear most of our body weight. If he is prevented from doing his duty, his neighbor friends will be too exhausted to support him. This causes various foot diseases.

2SC_Icons-01.png__PID:811db3cb-aeac-44ae-9e99-b632a7185e6e 90 Degree Angle

When we take a step, our toes flex at nearly 90 degrees. The shoe sole must provide this flexibility. Otherwise, this movement will be blocked. Muscles that cannot fully perform their duties begin to weaken structurally and functionally.

secondary_feature_icons-01__PID:f1dd22d2-40b3-4955-933e-55cff963e0dc Equal Height

The heel of the shoe should be the same height as the front. It is already known that shoes with high heels are unhealthy. However, contrary to popular belief, shoes should have a "0 cm" heel, not a 1-2 cm heel. Because when the heel rises, it puts the ankle and lower leg in a restricted position.


Why Is This Shoe So Important?

Active Step barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the natural shape and function of the human foot. It strengthens your feet by reflecting the design of nature and reveals the strength and balance you never knew you had.

Unlike traditional shoes that restrict movement and posture, Active Step shoes allow your feet to breathe, stretch and feel. 



What distinguishes Active Step from other shoes?

Footboard Width: They typically have a larger footboard area. This allows your toes to spread out and grip the ground just like when you're truly barefoot.

Sole: The soles of these shoes are thin and flexible. It allows the foot to bend and move naturally. And it provides better sensory feedback from the ground.

Arch Support: Unlike many modern shoes with significant arch support, these shoes allow your feet to support themselves, strengthening foot muscles over time.

Even Height: Active Step shoes generally have zero or minimal heel alignment (the difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot), encouraging a more natural foot posture and stepping.

Can I wear socks?

Whether or not we wear our shoes with socks depends entirely on personal preference.

Some of our users tend to wear sockless to truly embrace the authentic barefoot feel, appreciating the direct contact and natural feel against the inside of the shoe.

On the other hand, some of our users prefer to wear them with socks for better moisture management, less friction, or just to benefit from an extra layer of comfort.

Whichever direction you turn, our shoes are made to support your choice and give your feet the freedom they deserve.

How do I choose the right number?

Our molds are produced according to Turkish molds. You can order the size you always wear in regular shoes

If you are wearing a half size or are not sure, you can find out the cm length of the shoe you are wearing and check it in the "Which Size Should I Buy" section above.

Ergonomic Design You Can Wear Anywhere

Thanks to the special rubber pad and thermo insoles used in its production, your feeling with the ground is strengthened and this does not cause any discomfort to you.

You can enjoy walking for hours or standing for long hours without heel-ankle pain!


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