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Lash Lift Pro + Magic Mascara

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Product description

"I No Longer Need Lash Extensions"

"I've always struggled with stick-straight lashes that would never hold a curl. The LashLift Pro has been a total game-changer for me. It's not only quick but the curl actually lasts all day.  

I've tossed out my old clamp curlers and haven't looked back. Plus, I love that I'm saving money by not needing to get lash extensions as often!"

Maya S.

"Perfect Curl Without the Burn" 

"Okay, I was pretty skeptical about using a heated device so close to my eyes, but the anti-scalding feature of the Lash Lift Pro put my mind at ease. 

It delivers a perfect curl every time without any pinching or burning, and I love how quick and easy it is to use. I've never felt more confident about my eyes as people keep complimenting my lashes!"

Sophia T.

"It Even Works On Longer Lashes!!"

"Having long but uncurled lashes has always made me shy away from mascara and curlers because they never seemed to work.  

However, after seeing that the the Lash Lift Pro caters to all lash types, I thought I'd give it a go. For the first time EVER, I'm experiencing what a true, lasting curl feels like. My eyes look bigger and brighter, and I couldn't be happier!"

Amy C.

Lush, Lifted, Captivating Lashes Are ONE Curl Away

Engineered with precision heat technology, each use of the Lash Lift Pro promises to safely deliver the lasting curl and lift your lashes love.

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Want Lashes That Stay Curled?

Unlock the secret to captivating lashes that boast a lasting curl and sky-high lift. Skip the daily wrestle with traditional curlers that fall flat by noon. Our Lash Lift Pro promises a resilient hold that powers through your day and into your night, delivering a consistent beauty statement that endures as long as you do

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How It Works

The Lash Lift Pro is ingeniously designed with customizable heat settings to cater to various lash types and preferences, ensuring everyone can achieve their perfect curl:

Low Temperature Blue Light (50°C): Ideal for those with fine or really soft lashes right at the corners of the eyes, this gentle heat mode ensures a delicate curl without damage or discomfort.

Medium Temperature Purple Light (65°C): This setting is tailored for soft and short lashes, providing a medium heat that creates a beautiful curl with just the right amount of hold and form, without overburdening the lashes.

High Temperature Red Light (80°C): For thick and hard lashes that often resist curling, the high-temperature mode penetrates deeper, softening robust lashes to sculpt the bold, dramatic curl you desire.

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Perfect Lashes In 60 Seconds

If rushing out the door is a familiar start to your day, you'll appreciate how the Lash Lift Pro streamlines your routine. It's designed to work quickly, giving your lashes a lasting curl with minimal effort. Its design fits your life, ready to use when and where you need it, ensuring your lashes always get the look they deserve, even when time is tight.



Jade S.

"I was worried about heat damage, but Lash Lift Pro is gentle yet effective. My lashes look healthy and hold a curl better than ever. I’m totally in love!"


Rachel B.

"I’m picky with my lash curve, and Lash Lift Pro gives me the control to get them just right. It’s like it was made for me!"


Evie B.

"As a busy mom, I don’t have time for fussy beauty tools. Lash Lift Pro is quick, easy, and delivers gorgeous results. I’m out the door with fabulous lashes in no time."

Out With The Old, In With The New..

Traditional Lash Curlers use manual force that can often bend and break lashes, Lash Lift Pro uses advanced, precision heat technology to gently and effectively curl lashes without any tugging or pulling. This innovative approach not only protects your lashes from damage but also ensures a longer-lasting curl that manual curlers simply can't compete with. 


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