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Product description


⦿ Red Light Therapy: Utilizes a 650nm wavelength to deliver low-level laser light, aiming to invigorate hair follicles for potential growth. It's designed to boost circulation to the scalp, potentially leading to denser, healthier hair.

⦿ Blue Light Therapy: Offers 470nm blue light therapy to help manage scalp oil production and reduce greasiness, contributing to scalp health and hair's natural luster. Its antimicrobial action targets scalp bacteria, promoting a cleaner scalp environment.

⦿ Stimulating Scalp Massage: Integrates 3-modes massaging feature to increase scalp blood flow, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to support follicle health and help in preventing hair loss, while also providing a relaxing experience that may reduce stress.

⦿ Nano-atomizing spray: Features a nano-atomizer for a uniform and efficient application of hair oils and serums, ensuring deeper absorption without heat, maximizing the benefits of your hair care products.


⦿ To make the most of your Kleue | DELUXE HAIR REVITALIZER, feel free to use it in any way that works best for your busy schedule! The important thing is to use it daily, for around 15-20 minutes, to achieve the best results.

⦿ Light-treatment functions: To achieve optimal results, focus the device on specific spot for couple of minutes.

⦿ Adding essential oils: To avoid potential irritation, dilute any essential oils before using them on your hair. We suggest using water or carrier oils such as jojoba, castor, coconut or argan.

**Make sure to fully charge device before using it.

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Rejuvenate hair growth, and promote thicker, healthier hair. Our 5 in 1 brush uses science backed hair restoring technology to bring out the BEST, healthiest version of your hair.

Get the #1 Recommended Hair Treatment Device
  1. Boost hair growth, maintain shine, promote scalp health, and enjoy the relaxing benefits of a scalp massage.
  2. Features 3 energy levels. Customize your treatment by choosing the appropriate energy level for maximum results.
  3. Say goodbye to unhealthy hair with personalized and effective treatments from the comfort of your home! 

The Device That’s Taking The Haircare World By Storm!


Don't Just Take It From Us, Look At The Results!

We don't expect blind trust. Let our track record speak for itself. See the remarkable results we consistently achieve and strive for healthier hair. Let our outstanding results speak for themselves, showcasing our commitment to healthier hair.


Why Choose Kleue?

Red Light Treatment

Stimulates hair growth from the first use. Achieve fuller and thicker mane that you can be proud to show off.

Blue Light Treatment

Controls your scalp’s sebum production to eliminate breakout-causing bacteria that leads to unhealthy hair.

3 Massage Modes

Promotes healthy blood circulation to eliminate hair loss and eases tension, which aids in preventing headaches.

Hair Oil Atomizer

Turns any hair treatment oil into mist for you hair to absorb it faster than applying oil to your hair.


Great Hair From The Comfort Of Your Home

Here at Kleue, we’re obsessed about getting you healthier and stronger hair without the hassle. Join us in empowering women and men worldwide with our innovative haircare solutions from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out.
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