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HydroBlast Power Nozzle

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Product description

HydroBlast Power Nozzle

The Portable 2-in-1 Power Washing Nozzle With HydroBlast

  • Delivers 5X Water Pressure Boost

  • 2 Spraying Modes – Jet & Fan

  • Corrosion & Rust Resistant

  • Lightweight, Portable, Leakproof

  • Saves Water, Energy & Effort

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The Smarter Way To Better Cleaning

The HydroBlast Power Nozzle connects to & extends your everyday garden hose into the ultimate power washing gun – for faster & smarter cleaning, even those hard to reach spots. It comes with 2 premium quality brass nozzle heads, so you can choose from Full Force Cleaning or Balanced Large Area Coverage.

Designed & built with corrosion & rust resistant lightweight material, its portable & easy to use – without the backaches of bending! Gardening, car washing, house cleaning, or pet bathing, the HydroBlast Power Nozzle is the perfect power washing tool for all applications.

HydroBlast Power Nozzle Features & Benefits

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  • Versatile

    The 2 spraying modes & flow control allows you to use it for multiple surfaces & cleaning requirements.

  • Powerful Pressure

    The HydroBlast technology boosts water pressure & converts your regular hose into a power washer with just a click.

  • Easy To Connect

    You can connect the nozzle to your everyday hose directly or using the quick connector that’s included.

  • Durable Build

    Lightweight yet durable, the power nozzle is made of high-grade rust & corrosion resistant & leak proof material to last you a lifetime!

  • Anti-Slip Handle

    The ergonomic sponge grip makes it comfortable to hold and ensures it does not slip no matter how high the pressure.

One Power Nozzle For All Your Cleaning Needs

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The Powerful Jet Nozzle

For Full Force Cleaning

The jet nozzle will concentrate the water flow and produce a water with certain impact, this will be very effective in cleaning stains on cars or patio.

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The Balanced Fan Nozzle

For Large Area Coverage

It will spray water into a fan shape, large area coverage and balanced water spraying, perfect for cleaning backyard, watering garden or flowers.

The Last Power Nozzle You’ll Ever Need

The ease of use, quick connection to your existing hose, multiple spraying patterns & flow control make the HydroBlast Power Nozzle the most versatile power cleaning tool in the market that you can use for all your needs!

The Power Nozzle Is Perfect For

  • Car

  • Garden

  • Roof

  • Window

  • Gutter

  • Walls

  • Pets


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