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HeyBBL – At Home BBL Shaper

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Product description

Do 20,000 squats per hour without breaking a sweat!

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  Sculpt, tighten and shape You’ll define your muscles and accentuate those curves

Mongantbladeicon4  Quick results Other HeyBBL fans see changes in just 30 days with 20 minutes/day

Mongantbladeicon5  Easy to use Let HeyBBL work its magic while you read, get ready, or even work


Trusted Tech

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) has been used by physical therapists in the medical and sports industry for decades. HeyBBL brings this trusted, effective tech straight to you (and your abs).

Easy, Convenient, & Safe

The HeyBBL design is light, wireless, and discreet so you can squeeze in a toning workout anywhere, anytime. Got 20 minutes? Just put it on, push the button, and get going.


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