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HeightBoost™ 2.0

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Product description

HeightBoost™ 2.0

🌟 Grow INCHES in an instant

👟 Add HeightBoost™ to all footwear

🕶 Never get caught, Hidden in socks

🚶‍♂️ Added Heel Support for Comfort


Look At how Others Are Loving Their HeightBoost™

We have customers that are happy with the results they got from their HeightBoost™


With Different Sizes!

Max Comfort

1 Inch Boost that maximizes comfort. Perfect for a relaxed fit and longer walks


1.5 Inch Boost The Perfect in-between option for comfort and height.

Max Height

2 Inch Boost that maximizes height.

Perfect for maximum visual impact and moments where your 110% Matters

Looking Better just got waaaaaay easier

For those who want to secretly boost their height, because for some reason your outfits just don’t seem to “fit” as it should. HeightBoost has got you covered!


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