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Hastli - Foldable Travel Bag

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Product description

🌟 Longevity: Our bag is designed for durability and timeless style for business, travel, sports and vacation.

👔 Wrinkle-Free Elegance: Our garment duffel bag ensures your outfits stay pristine, eliminating the need for hotel irons.

✈️ Cabin Size: You can carry our bag in the cabin on your airplane travels. So you don't have to wait for luggage.

🧳 Business Travel: All-in-one complete travel solution for your business trips

🏖️ Beach Bag: Pack everything from towels to sun care products in your bag and enjoy the summer.

Can you carry your style in bag?

When you pull a wrinkle-free outfit out of the bag and put it on, the experience you will have will be the surprised looks you get 😍

Why Hastli - Foldable Travel Bag

They said their clothes didn't wrinkle

They said it was their Lovemark brand

They said it was indispensable for their travels

Get Rid of Suitcases!!

The modern world needs modern solutions. Get rid of big suitcases that are heavy, hard to carry and wrinkle everything inside. Only Fold&Stroll

Impressive Travel Solutions

Whether you're a business traveler, a spontaneous weekend getaway or just looking to hit the gym. Our innovative design ensures you are equipped for every trip and use.

A Combination of Style and Practicality


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