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Glow Buddy Every Kids Dream

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Turning Bedtime Battles Into Dreamy Delights

It is the perfect cuddly night-time companion that will beautifully glow your little one's room just enough to make them feel safe and calm. Taking the kids to sleep doesn't have to feel like a battle. GlowBuddy provides a sense of security and is designed to emit a sleep-inducing glow to eliminate any night-time anxiety and help them settle into bed in no time.

Need The Perfect Gift?

Why scratch your head trying to think of the perfect gift for your little one, when we've already done all the head-scratching for you? Wrap up their very own GlowBuddy and give them the adorable companion that they will absolutely love and create long lasting memories with!  GlowBuddy is perfect for bedtimenap time, sleepovers, and travelling.


Protecting Precious Dreams, Night After Night

GlowBuddy is reported and confirmed by parents to help reduce their little one's nightmares. This is because GlowBuddy provides children the sense that they're not alone while the multi-colored changing glow lights up the room getting rid of any scary imagination of the dark, allowing them to get more of the rest they need and deserve for their growing body and mind. 


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