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Glauri™ NanoScale Cloth

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Product description

Flawless, streak-free clean with every wipe.

Our NanoScale cloth eliminates streaks and lint, leaving behind a gleaming finish on every surface.

    • Streak-Free Shine
    • 🛡️ Non-Abrasive
    • 🚫 Lint-Free
    • 💅 Effortless Cleaning
    • 🏠 Multi-Surface Use


How to Use

1. Get Set with Your Cloths: Grab two of your trusty NanoScale Cloths and get ready for some cleaning magic!

2. Splash & Prep: Give the surface a quick splash of water to get it ready for an awesome clean.

3. Wipe it Down: Take the first cloth and swipe over the surface. Watch as the dirt and smudges magically disappear!

4. Shine & Smile: Use the second cloth to dry and polish. You're just moments away from a dazzling, streak-free shine!

5. Laundry Time: Once done, just toss the cloths in the wash (skip the fabric softener). They’ll be ready for your next cleaning adventure!

End the Battle Against Stubborn Streaks and Grime!

You’re scrubbing your windows and mirrors, but no matter how hard you try, those annoying streaks and smudges just won’t go away.

It’s like they’re mocking you, right?
You’ve tried all sorts of cloths and sprays, but nothing works. It feels like a

But what if there was a way to wipe away all these troubles with just one swipe?



Your Ally for a Spotless and Sparkling Home

What’s the magic, you ask? Its secret lies in the innovative diamond weave NanoScale design, that ensures a streak-free finish.

The scaled fabric traps and lifts dirt and moisture, leaving behind a flawless shine without any streaks.

Perfect for polishing mirrors, cleaning spills and removing dust on any clear or smooth surface. 

Super absorbent and durable, they’re your go-to solution for a sparkling home year-round.

Best of all, the NanoScale design can tackle most streaks with just water. 

Just dampen with water, and watch as your surfaces transform with a simple wipe.


One Cloth, Countless Surfaces

NanoScale Cloths are super cool for making everything look shiny and new on lots of different surfaces around your house.

Glass and Mirrors

Wipe away smudges, limescale and fingerprints for a crystal-clear view.

Stainless Steel

Make your home appliances sparkle like new.

Wooden Surfaces

Gently clean without damaging the wood’s finish.

Electronic Screens

Safely remove dust and fingerprints from your favorite devices.


Customer's Gleaming Testimonials


Outshining in the Cleaning Game

Leading the way in streak free home cleaning. Have a look at how we compare!


Where Wiping Meets Satisfaction in Cleaning

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