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Flossy Fresh – Water Flosser

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Product description

FlossyFresh for the Best Dental Hygiene

Introducing FlossyFresh

Dentists always encourage flossing every day because brushing alone cannot eliminate the bacteria and plaque buildup that accumulates between your teeth. With a toothbrush, you only clean the surface, but the most problems occur when you don’t clean your gums and teeth gaps. Now you may be familiar with regular dental floss but believe us when we say that a water flosser is a game changer. Why?

It’s no doubt that both flossing techniques are imperative to good oral hygiene, but water flossers are estimated to clean 29% better than regular floss, especially when it comes to your gums. Additionally, a water flosser is definitely easier to use for those with orthodontic braces or sensitive gums in general.

However, water flossers are not always cheap. Many people strive to find the best combination of price and quality, but you should look no further because FlossyFresh satisfies both of these needs. It utilizes extra thin high-pressure water stream to effectively clean even difficult to reach places.

FlossyFresh has a lot of advantages against its competitors in the market not only because of its undeniable effectiveness, but also for its friendly price tag. It’s definitely better to invest in a water flosser than pay hundreds at your dentist’s office when the problem becomes more serious! And considering the price of FlossyFresh, this device is a bargain too good to miss!


The benefits of FlossyFresh
FlossyFresh is so popular worldwide not without a good reason. Here are all the things that make it so appealing:
It has all you need for effective cleaning. Equipped with four different nozzles, FlossyFresh is suitable for everyone and thanks to three water pressure modes, the process becomes even easier.
FlossyFresh is ideal for those who wear braces or have sensitive gums. Because you don’t need to physically insert anything between your teeth, you can clean all areas of your mouth without hurting yourself.
This device is also praised for being super convenient. Thanks to its cordless design, you can take FlossyFresh anywhere you like without much trouble. No more bulky charging stations and tangled cords!
FlossyFresh is the best-selling item this year. The combination of price and quality makes this water flosser so appealing to the general public, that it’s been selling out fast. Do not miss this opportunity!
How does it work?

Using FlossyFresh is as straightforward as it gets. The water tank attaches and detaches easily, so you will have no problem refilling it either with water or mouthwash. After that, you would simply need to charge the device and attach one of the four nozzles available, namely classic, tongue, dental plaque, or orthodontic.

To turn on the device just press and hold the power button and it will automatically turn on at the lowest water pressure setting. If you want to change that, press and hold the power button for approximately 2 seconds. Repeat that if you want to go for the strongest setting. FlossyFresh operates in a really quiet manner too, so you can use this device without disturbing those around you.

FlossyFresh main features

⦿ Four nozzles. Unlike most water flossers in the market, FlossyFresh comes equipped with four different nozzles for your convenience.

⦿ Three water pressure modes. Choose the intensity setting according to your personal preference.

⦿ Rechargeable. All hail cordless convenience! Just charge the device and use it effortlessly.

⦿ Water-resistant. Use FlossyFresh without worrying about water getting on your device and damaging it.

⦿ Large capacity water tank. A large water tank that you can also fill with mouthwash for your convenience.


How much does it cost?

Definitely less than you think, even though such devices can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, FlossyFresh is both high-quality and affordable! Now you don’t need to spend a fortune on maintaining good dental hygiene.

FlossyFresh is a one-time investment that makes dental hygiene affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s always a good idea to take care of your teeth before dental problems get out of hand. Get your 50% discount and enjoy the benefits of FlossyFresh!

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