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FleWar Belly Band Holster

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A Holster Designed with Women in Mind

“I chose this holster because I wear leggings everyday but still wanted to be able to conceal carry. This holster is a dream come true” – Kelsey Dale


Miracle Holster For Women Who Concealed Carry

Carrying a gun can be a challenging task for women, as they often face unique issues when it comes to finding the right holster and clothing to accommodate their firearm. Traditional holsters may not fit properly on a woman’s body, especially if she is petite or has curves. This can lead to discomfort or even chafing if the holster is too tight or rubs against the skin in the wrong way.

At TacPew, we understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to carrying a firearm. That’s why we designed the FleWar Belly Band Holster specifically with women in mind.

Never Have To Worry About Sagging During Everyday Activities.

Made from high-quality stitching that doesn’t irritate your skin and offers you maximum comfort. Lets you walk around with your firearm and make it feel like there’s nothing there.

Easily Conceal Without Making A Significant Wardrobe Change And Wearing Baggier Clothes.

You can wear just about anything with the FleWar because it wraps around your torso and doesn’t require a belt! This holster will work with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, workout clothes, and more.

Felecia Shirley  – Concealed firearms instructor –

“Very well made, holds position nicely even with a heavy gun. I am a concealed carry instructor and use many, many different holsters for demonstration purposes and testing. So far, I have a very positive attitude about this holster compared to other belly band holsters that I have tried.”

Safer And More Secure

Comfort and concealment mean nothing without safety. That’s why the FleWar is designed to cover the trigger guard in every carry configuration. This thoughtful feature protects the trigger from involuntary movement, making it safer and more secure than ever.


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