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ExploraCat™️ - Cat Harness

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Product description

 ExploraCat™️ - Cat Harness


  • Comfortable Breathable Material
  • Easy On Step-in Design
  • Adjustable Straps for a Snug Fit
  • Super Secure Velcro, Buckle and D Rings


The ExploraCat – The Safest Way To Let Your Cat Out

Clip on the ExploraCat harness. Open the door and allow your cat to enjoy the beautiful sights. Intriguing smells. And soothing sounds of the outdoors. Combine the escape proof harness with the adorably cute matching leash. And give your furry feline friend safety you can count on. And give your best friend the freedom recommended by experts.


It’s Safe, Easy and Comfortable to Use ExploraCat



Because inside isn't enough

Share Worry Free Exploring, Exercise and Experiences


Your Furry Friends Safety

Letting your cat out but the worry of your beloved kitty meeting a speeding fanatic or a hungry cayote is enough to trigger anxiety. Battle back with ExploraCat!

Living in an apartment

Living in an apartment makes it hard for your cats to quell their outdoor cravings. Pop on the harness and go for a wander with your pal.

Energetic Inside Cat

Does your indoor cat have too much energy to burn and causes chaos in the house? See if your cat has enough to be your new running partner.


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