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Dr. Noirce's SnoozleOtter™ Breathing Plush

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Product description

Dr. Noirce's SnoozleOtter™ Breathing Plush

Scientifically proven to ease the worst meltdowns. Still feel alone? Get 100% of your money back.

🥰 Eases Loneliness and Anxiety

💙 Soothes During Meltdowns

🌟 Fends Off Insomnia


"I named mine Oscar. I enjoy cuddling him to fall asleep. I also talk to him🤷‍♀️It's kinda lame, but it's soothing and it works! I'm 27 BTW"

Never Be Alone Again

Starved of safe, comforting touch?

✔️ Healthy Coping Mechanisms
✔️ Function Through the Toughest Times
✔️ Comforting and Soothing Cuddles

Develop a bond with this sleepy friend.

Don't use harmful sleeping pills and self-destructive coping mechanisms.

We All Have Rough Moment

It's lonely being different. Everyone expects you to fit in.

The SnoozleOtter was designed for neurodivergent people with autism, ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety.

All we need is a gentle, furry companion who will remain by our side.

A Sensory Toolkit:

⭐ Rhythmic Breathing Motions

⭐ Soothing Sensory Sounds

⭐ Glowing Light to Fend Off the Dark

How We Compare

I'm no ordinary stuffed animal!


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