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Denta Blast - Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner!

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Product description

Blast Away Plaque, Tartar & Stains With The DentaBlast Electric Cleaner

For That Just-Left-The-Dentist Clean Feeling

  • Removes Plaque & Tartar
  • Safe & Painless For Sensitive Gums
  • Prevents Gum Disease & Cavities
  • Low Noise Operation
  • 5 Modes For Precision Cleaning
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Get 50% OFF When You Purchase Today!

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IconDentist Approved
Get the same high level of care with DentaBlast
5 Precision Modes
Adjust DentaBlast to your unique needs for perfect results
USB Rechargeable
Take it anywhere and use it daily with a quick recharge
Safe and Painless
Helps prevents gum disease, plaque & cavities

The DentaBlast Electric Plaque Remover

Painless Professional Teeth Cleaning At Your Fingertips

This powerful electric plaque buster uses high frequency pulses to dissolve even the worst buildup.

At the click of a button, you can quickly scale away dental calculus, plaque, tartar and stains.

Free Your Teeth From:

Plaque & Calculus




What Normal Brushing Misses


Stains & Discoloration


With DentaBlast


Save Your Teeth & Money!


DentaBlast lets you break up tartar and plaque buildup before it causes long term health issues.

  • cavities
  • bad breath
  • weak enamel
  • tooth sensitivity
  • gum disease
  • gingivitis

Tartar buildup could cause major problems over time, leading to gum disease or worse...

That’s why DentaBlast is such an important tool to have at your bathroom sink!


 Pro-Grade Dental Cleaning

DentaBlast Reveals Your Best Smile Icon


Ultrasonic Deep Clean

Experience the deep clean of a 2.4 Million per Minute UltraSonic Frequency. Breaks up the stubborn stains, tartar & calculus a toothbrush CAN'T!


Multi Use Cleaning

DentaBlast is designed to target your biggest issues - from stains & discoloration to tartar build up.


Extra Durable Alloy Tip

Pro grade alloy for higher frequency settings & cleaning.


5 Precision Modes

Adjust the DentaBlast to your specific needs for the best results.


USB Rechargeable

Quick USB charging gives you a full charge in under 3 hours - with up to 30 uses per charge.

NOTE: It’s recommended to start with Soft Mode first. Then slowly increase intensity to feel and find the mode that works best for you.


How It Works

Simple, Versatile & Powerful Plaque Attacker icon


Step 1 Charge The Battery


Step 2 Choose Mode


Step 3 Feel The Clean

Use as needed or directed by a dentist. We recommended weekly upkeep, or daily if needed.

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DentaBlast vs The Competition

See why DentaBlast is the clear winner compared to leading cleaners

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