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CROTAL Tire Pump

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Product description

Ultra-fast and Powerful

Introducing the CROTAL TIRE PUMP, a high-performance solution for all your tire inflation needs. Weighing in at just 10.2oz, this lightweight pump is designed to reach up to 150PSI, making it capable of inflating up to 10 700*23c tires with ease. Equipped with advanced technology, it ensures ultra-fast inflation, making it the perfect companion for cyclists and motorists alike.

The Versatile Inflator with Multiple Modes

The CROTAL TIRE PUMP effortlessly inflates bicycles, car tires, balls, and inflatable toys, offering customizable pressure settings to reduce hassle and ensure ease of use. Equipped with an electronic display screen, its functionality settings are clear at a glance, distinguishing it from pumps on the market that cannot adjust pressure.

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Easy to set up, meets your needs

The Crotal Tire Pump is revolutionizing the way you inflate your tires with its innovative tire pressure monitoring feature during inflation. No more guesswork or manual checks – this pump ensures that your tire pressure is precisely monitored and displayed in real-time as you inflate.

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Working Performance When Fully Charged

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What’s in The Box

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