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Crawling Crab™

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Product description
YOUR Pup’s New Favorite Toy

Our best-selling stimulating toy engages YOUR dog both mentally and physically! The unpredictability of its movements can captivate your dog’s attention, providing your pup with an outlet for their natural predatorial instincts!

Mental Stimulation

The movement of a crawling crab toy can engage a dog’s mind, providing mental stimulation. This is especially beneficial for dogs that require mental challenges to prevent boredom.

Physical Exercise

Chasing and interacting with a crawling toy can encourage physical activity in dogs. This is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, promoting cardiovascular health, and preventing obesity-related issues.

This is YOUR Best Option

This toy offers dynamic movement, mental stimulation, and physical exercise, standing out from ordinary plush toys. Its unique design adds novelty to playtime, and some models are suitable for chewing and tugging. Choose a toy that suits your dog’s preferences and always supervise play for safety.


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