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CozyCocoon™️- Foldable Baby Lounger

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Product description

Successfully puts your baby in a comfortable sleep position, relieves digestive discomfort, and helps prevent flat head syndrome.

  • Eliminates Symptoms Of Colic & Reflux
  • Soft Space For Your Baby
  • Practical For Home & Away
Eliminate severe reflux with ease

If your baby spends a lot of time lying down and has a liquid diet, they will often experience complications in their stomach, which leads to reflux, making it difficult for them to rest.

Snoozey ensures that your little one will have the ideal sleep position by keeping them on their back. The adjustable leg support roll elevates your baby’s legs, helping to prevent strain on the stomach muscles, thereby making sleep more enjoyable for them.

Prevent flat head syndrome

Laying your baby down on flat surfaces such as car seats, swings and bouncers can increase the development of flat head syndrome. Using a helmet can be expensive and ineffective to solve this issue.

The Snoozey head pillow provides a gentle cushioning for the baby’s skull that helps to prevent flat head syndrome and promotes the development of a rounded shape.

safely shapes your baby’s head without costly methods

anytoyz baby bed cushion pillow

Enjoy peaceful nights

Tired of sleepless nights that leave you stressed during the day? When your baby is awake at night screaming, arching their back, and literally turning red in the face from crying, they’re probably suffering from colic.

Snoozey mimics the shape of the wombguaranteeing a comfortable and secure place for your little one.

soothes your baby’s crying and reduces stress

Suitable to take everywhere

Going out with your little one can be a hassle. Snoozey is lightweight, portable and foldable, which makes it easy to use in their crib, stroller, or on the sofa.

You can carry your baby while they’re in the lounger and move them to a different room. It facilitates travelling. Consequently, your little one will get quality sleep wherever you take them.

convenient to use at home and on the go

Loved by 12,400+ parents
  • 96%: said their baby’s reflux and colic reduced significantly
  • 91%: reported that their baby fell asleep faster
  • 87%: noticed having comfortable and restful nights

*Self-assesment on 46 subjects after 90 days


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