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CleanLite L3

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Product description

Top Rated Blackhead & Pore Vacuum Remover

Innovative ProSuction technology

5 functional replaceable heads

3 adjustable power levels

Rechargeable & portable

Completely painless and safe


"... wish I knew about it earlier! Blackheads are gone and pores are barely visible now."

Are you looking to remove blackheads, dead skin, or treat acne without paying for expensive salon treatments or doing painful alternatives? Osmo CleanLite uses innovative ProSuction technology to achieve deep cleaning and effective removal of blackheads, wrinkles, pores, without hurting or damaging your skin. It comes with 5 replaceable beauty heads all suitable for different facial areas and for different purposes making it a multifunctional all-in-one device.

With 3 adjustable intensity levels, it's suitable for any skin type and you can use it even on the most sensitive facial or body areas. Unlike other painful treatments, CleanLite is completely painless and it removes blackheads from its root, not allowing them to grow again at the same place. It's time to say goodbye to blackheads, pores, wrinkles and other skin disorders.


With the new version of Osmo CleanLite, Osmo uses innovative ProSuction technology for more effective suction with adjustable intensity levels. We offer free Shipping for all orders.


CleanLite L3

Innovative ProSuction technology is responsible for highly effective blackhead removal and pores reduction. With adjustable intensity levels, it's suitable for any skin type.


Why Osmo CleanLite L3 stands out


The Science Behind Our Innovative ProSuction® Technology

Osmo uses innovative ProSuction technology to have a powerful suction for better effectiveness in removing blackheads and minimizing pores and wrinkles.

While being powerful, it’s still suitable for all skin types and facial areas as you can easily adjust the intensity level that fits you.

With 5 replaceable suction heads, all of them are made for different purposes and you can treat many other skin imperfections besides blackheads.

It’s time to have a salon treatment at your fingertips.



Osmo ClearLite® Is Being Used For:

More about Osmo CleanLite

No more expensive salon visits: Now you can have a salon-like painless treatment from the comfort of your home.

Suitable for any skin type: No matter how sensitive or dry your skin might be, you can comfortably use CleanLite and adjust the intensity levels.

Rechargeable long-lasting battery: You receive a USB-port, so you can charge CleanLite anywhere you go - even inside of your car.

5 suction heads: All made for different purposes and for different areas, so you can remove other skin imperfections besides blackheads.

Instant results: You will instantly remove blackheads from its root, while it will take you a couple of sessions to see results on reducing wrinkles, pores, and fine lines (still pretty fast).

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out.
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