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Calming Otter Plushy

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Product description

Calming Otter Plushy

  • Eliminate baby Stress & Anxiety
  • Soothing night glow & rhythmic breathing
  • Promotes longer and faster sleep patterns

Product Overview
Gone are the days of endless crying and sleepless nights.
Meet Ottie the otter, the cuddly companion that makes your baby’s transition from the cozy womb to the outside world a breeze.
By replicating the sounds of a mother’s gentle, rhythmic heartbeat, Ottie the otter provides the comfort and security your baby is accustomed to, putting an end to those trying nights and ensuring peaceful sleep for both you and your baby.
It’s like having an extra set of helping hands, soothing your precious one into sleep.
Product Feature
Loaded with soothing features specifically designed with your baby in mind for sleep, Ottie the Otter offers various different options, such as:

  • White noise & Vibration
  • Soft & Comfy fabric for baby’s
  • Ultrasound & Womb breathing
  • Heartbeat sounds
  • Slow, relaxing lullabies
  • Moving Chest & Realistic Breathing
  • 30 mins of music and sounds, volume control, and soft lights
  • Gentle vibrations that remind baby of their first home a safe, cozy belly

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