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BreathLite Is The Future of Responsible Driving

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Product description

Top Rated Breathalyzer


Innovative high-grade sensors

Accurate BAC measurements

Results after only 22 seconds

Pocket-size design & portable

Additional reusable mouthpiece

"... Very accurate! It's amazing how something so small can be so helpful."

When you're going to a wedding, party or date there's a chance you'll have something to drink before it's time to drive - make sure you're not drunk. Osmo Breathalyzer measures the alcohol in the body and gives accurate results under 22 seconds on LED display.

It uses innovative high-grade sensors for better accuracy and gives you warning depending on BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) levels inside of your body.It has pocket-size design, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere or keep it inside of your car. Don't put your life or someone else's life at risk by driving drunk.


With the new version of Osmo Breathalyzer, Osmo uses innovative high-grade sensor technology for better accuracy and faster results. We offer free shipping for all orders.



Osmo Breathalyzer uses innovative high-grade sensors for improved accuracy and faster results. Simply blow into the mouthpiece and results will be displayed with accurate BAC levels in less than 22 seconds.


Why BreathLite stands out


The Science Behind Our Innovative High-Grade Sensor® Technology

Osmo Breathalyzer uses innovative high grade sensors for better accuracy and faster BAC-level display.

You simply have to blow into the nozzle for a few seconds and results will be displayed in less than 22 seconds.

While being very accurate, we made it portable and pocket-size design, so you can carry it with you anywhere or keep it in your car.



More about BreathLite

Accurate BAC measurements: Find out the amount of alcohol in your blood before you get in the car and start driving.

Carry it anywhere: You can put it in your pocket when you go out for a drink or leave it in the car.

Fast results: The results are displayed on the LED screen immediately after blowing into the nozzle.

One-touch operation: You only need to hold down the button and start blowing for the Osmo breathalyzer to start working.

Don't put your life in danger: You'll receive a warning if your BAC levels are above the safety law limit.

Original Xiaomi Youpin HD-JJCSY02 Lydsto Digital Alcohol Tester(Black)

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