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BreatheFlow 3.0 (TikTok Viral)

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BreatheFlow 3.0 (TikTok Viral)

Is the fight against vape cravings tougher than you expected?

Combat cravings with every breath; our necklace is crafted to make quitting smoking a breeze

🏆#1 Smoking Alternative - Forbes 2024

🚭 Quit Vaping or Smoking Forever

🌿 Instant Stress Relief

🧠 Boost Focus & Mental Clarity

Trying to quit vaping was a nightmare until I found the BreatheFlow 2.0 Necklace. Whenever I feel the urge to vape, I use the necklace and it helps curb the craving.

Krista W - ★★★★★

How It Works

  1. Wear It: Place the Breathe Ease necklace around your neck for easy access throughout the day.
  2. Hold It: Gently hold the bottom of the pendant and bring it to your lips.
  3. Inhale: Take a deep, slow breath in through your nose, filling your lungs fully.
  4. Exhale: Use your lips to exhale through the pendant, prolonging your breath out and focusing on the sensation.
  5. Repeat: Continue for a few minutes, or until you feel a sense of calm.


Is This For You?

Social Temptation

  • Quitting becomes tough especially when friends around you continue to smoke or vape.

Long-standing Habits

  • Breaking free from deeply ingrained smoking or vaping habits is a challenge for you.

Unhealthy Coping

  • Without tools to manage stress and anxiety, you find yourself leaning more on smoking or vaping.


Say Goodbye to Bad Habits Forever

Quit smoking or vaping for good with the Breathe Ease Necklace. Designed to help you focus on your breath, it replaces the muscle memory of holding a cigarette or vape. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the freedom of a smoke-free life


A Natural Step Toward a Smoke-Free Life

Now you have a powerful ally in your quest to quit smoking or vaping. By directing your attention to your breath, it lessens cravings and provides a calming presence. Break free from nicotine dependence and breathe easier every day.


Unlock a Healthier, Breathe Ease Future

We're confident that the Breathe Ease Necklace will significantly reduce your smoking or vaping cravings in just 60 days. If you don't feel more in control within a couple months, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. It's our dedication to your health and your journey to a smoke-free life.


Break the Habit 

The Breathe Ease Necklace helps to replace the muscle memory of reaching for a vape or cigarette. By wearing the necklace and taking mindful breaths, you can redirect your cravings and establish healthier habits.


Reduce Cravings 

The act of controlled, mindful breathing activates the body's natural relaxation response. By using the Breathe Ease Necklace, you can calm the mind and body, helping to reduce cravings for nicotine.


Improve Lung Function 

Mindful breathing not only helps with cravings but can also improve lung function. Over time, as you breathe more deeply and slowly, your lung capacity may increase, further supporting your journey to quit smoking or vaping.


 Reduces Anxiety and Stress 

The Breathe Ease Necklace encourages controlled, slow breathing, which activates the body's natural relaxation response. By slowing down your breath, you reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol and increase the release of endorphins.


Our Community's Journey to Better Health


Redefine Your Quitting Strategy

The Breathe Ease Necklace is your ally in quitting smoking naturally. Enjoy a fashionable, effective way to manage cravings and stress.


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