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BottleSpark™ Bottle Cleaner

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Product description

BottleSpark™ Bottle Cleaner

Are you an exhausted mom looking for ways to simplify the process of cleaning baby bottles?

Look no further, BottleSpark™ has you covered! It's the ultimate Electric Baby Bottle Cleaner designed to make your life as a parent easier and your baby's bottles squeaky clean. With its advanced technology and thoughtful design, BottleSpark™ takes the hassle out of bottle cleaning, leaving you with more time to enjoy the precious moments with your little one.

What Customers Said

Charlotte Thomas

This is a great bottle brush. Cleans the bottles super easy and fast. Fits in every bottle I tried. Even works on sports bottles with smaller openings.

Charlotte Thomas

Amanda Johnson

Love love love this bottle brush!!! Does such a great job cleaning the bottles. If you have dr browns bottles the nipple adapter is perfect for the vent also! You do have to be careful, don’t be like my husband and turn it on outside the bottle unless you want to be covered in soap. Great looking product!
Chloe Adams

Emma Thompson

I'm very happy with this electric brush set. It seems to be made very well with good materials. It is rechargeable, which is great, so you do not have to rely on batteries. It has two different cleaning heads, one small and one large. It operates with two different speeds, one slow and one quicker. I looking forward to using this for my upcoming baby boy and anticipate that it will help reduce the time it takes me to wash his bottles. It will definitely be a help with its convenience. Very happy with this!
Aurelia Kulas

Tired of spending valuable time and energy on tedious bottle cleaning?

Say goodbye to scrubbing and soaking! BottleSpark™ features a powerful yet gentle silicon brush that effortlessly removes stubborn residue, milk stains, and harmful bacteria from your baby's bottles.

The 360° rotating brush head reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean that hand washing alone just can't achieve.


BottleSpark™ offers convenience at your fingertips. With its easy-to-use one-touch operation, simply place the bottle on the holder, press a button, and let the electric cleaner do the rest. No more wasting time and energy on manual soak & scrub.  BottleSpark™ delivers quick and efficient cleaning in a matter of minutes.


Maintaining a clean and hygienic feeding environment for your baby is essential, and BottleSpark™ helps you achieve just that. By eliminating stubborn residue and harmful bacteria, it provides peace of mind knowing that your baby's bottles are thoroughly cleaned and safe for their next use.

Simplify your bottle cleaning routine and enjoy more quality moments with your little one.


  • Material: Plastic ABS + Silicone
  • Size: 12.21 x 2.56 inches (31.02 x 6.50 cm)
  • Rechargeable and Cordless
  • 1200 mA battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 2 hours to reach full charge
  • Provides 15 operating days per full charge


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